NCIS: Showrunners Reveal Where They Get The Cases Narrated In Each Crime Drama

NCIS was created almost two decades ago for CBS. The franchise, which includes the original series and its spin-offs, has presented an infinite number of cases that are solved by the special agents of the 3 programs. The NCIS: Hawaii showrunners explain how they create these stories.

NCIS It’s the network’s action drama CBS which will arrive at season 20 on Monday, September 19. It premiered in 2003 and has kept millions of fans hooked to their screens ever since, following the stories involving special agents solving every crime involving US Navy military personnel.

Showrunners explain where the cases that are narrated in the stories of the NCIS franchise dramas come from

Over time, NCIS became a successful franchise that has had three spin-offs to its credit, including NCIS: Los Angeles which will premiere its season 14 at the beginning of October, NCIS: New Orleans which was canceled last year after 7 installments broadcast and the most recent split NCIS: Hawaiiwhose season 2 will air next Monday.

It is almost 20 years that the NCIS franchise has brought new stories to the screens one season after another. This means that the teams that write new episodes are forced to be extremely creative with each spin-off. This, with the purpose that the narrative is not repeated in the rest of the programs. Even avoid what they did Hawaii Five-0 and the restart of Magnum P.I.

In this sense, during a recent interview with PopCulture, the showrunners of NCIS: Hawaii, Jan Nash and Christopher Silber, referred to the way in which they choose the cases for special agent Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and his team solve them in the Aloha State, Hawaii.

It turns out that writers have had to find interesting crime cases and figure out how to connect them to the Navy or Department of Defense. According to Silver, who worked for the original series NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, she admitted that the cases are “well within the world of things” that the royal Naval Criminal Investigative Service deals with on a daily basis.

Many of the cases of crimes narrated in the series are taken from those that the real NCIS deals with on a daily basis.

Considering that CBS’s NCIS is inspired by the real Investigative Agency of the United States Department of the Navy, the breadth of crime cases go much further and there are an infinite number of them, since they work with counterintelligence, counterterrorism and espionage. This fact is an opportunity that makes the number of stories interesting and different in each program.Silver commented.

For his part, Nash also noted that Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is a huge place where thousands of people work. He explains that it is a good size city, which will create more opportunities for different types of crimejust because not in a small section of a Navy or Air Force population.

“We have a large group of staff, contractors, etc. that are all over the island. So it makes the scope of crime even bigger, [incluso] if you only look at the Hawaiian part.”

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NCIS: Showrunners Reveal Where They Get The Cases Narrated In Each Crime Drama

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