NCIS: Will Wilmer Valderrama Ditch Nick Torres for His New Role as El Zorro?

Wilmer Valderrama has been playing Special Agent Nick Torres since NCIS season 14, and at this point in his career it might be worth wondering if he’s ditching the crime drama for his new starring role on the ABC series.

NCIS is on hiatus until next year, when the crime drama continues to tell new stories from season 19. The hit crime drama said goodbye to 2021 last week with the ninth episode airing on the streaming network. CBSshowing fan favorites solving an outlier.

Will Wilmer Valderrama leave Nick Torres on NCIS for his new role as El Zorro?

The series premiered in 2003, and since then NCIS has become one of the best crime dramas in all of television history. From the start, the team of investigative agents was led by Leroy Gibbs of Mark Harmonuntil the fourth episode of season 19. The character said goodbye to fans, but is expected to eventually return at some point in the current installment.

NCIS has been characterized throughout its career by the infinity of characters that have presented their fascinating stories in the series. The departures of some of them, such as Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Jack Sloane or Ellie Bishop, just to name those who have left in the last decade, represented a heavy blow not only for the cast of the CBS drama, but also for the fans.

Without a doubt, these characters added value to NCIS, making their story arcs make the show even more interesting; and therefore, it will capture the public’s attention by attracting high audience levels, a fundamental element in the permanence of the series on the viewers’ screens.

The most recent outing was Harmon’s. However, it is not ruled out that the actor returns as a guest star taking up Leroy Gibbs. At the moment, it would not be reasonable for the crime investigation drama to lose another one of its actors, as this might cause some rejection from the viewers, who are attached to their favorites, and whom they have known for a long time.

If the project of the new ABC series comes to fruition, it means that Wilmer Valderrama could leave his role as Agent Nick Torres on NCIS.

This week, the news broke that wilmer valderrama he is making his way in his artistic career. The interpreter of special agent Nick Torres in NCIS, he was chosen in the main role of the new series of the chain abc, The Fox. The announcement may have raised an alert among fans, who may be thinking that the actor will be the next to leave the CBS show.

So far ABC has not placed a series order for El Zorro, but if the project materializes it would mean that Valderrama would vacate his role as Nick Torres on NCIS. Valderrama has been a pivotal part of CBS’s proceedings for the past six seasons, and with the show recently losing Emily Wickersham and Mark Harmon, there could be too many departures in a short amount of time. There have been rumors in the past that Valderrama is ready to move forward with the series, but only time will tell.

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NCIS: Will Wilmer Valderrama Ditch Nick Torres for His New Role as El Zorro?

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