No time to die, Skyfall and the entire James Bond saga come to Prime Video

The James Bond movie collection has become one of the most popular in recent decades, even winning Daniel Craig the award for Evening Standard British Film for best actor in 2006. The last installment starring Craig, No Time to Die, got 83% approval from critics, and 88% from audiences; Besides that won the Oscar for best original song in 2022performed by Billie Elish, and with the collaboration of Hanz Zimmer.

Thus, as of April 8, 2022, Prime Video Latin America added the films of agent 007, where No Time to Die (original title of the film) was soon consolidated in the top 10 of the most viewed on the platform, which it lasted even until the end of April. Now, the 25 James Bond films have arrived in Spain, and are available in the subscription plan of the streaming service, unlike previous months where you had to pay 4.99 euros to rent the film.

James Bond evolution

In mid-April, the director, screenwriter and producer, Paul Verhoeven, commented that he had not liked No Time to Die due to the lack of sex scenes, claiming that “there was always sex in Bond”, a factor that in his opinion, It strongly contributes to the narrative of the characters, so sagas like 007 or the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not to his particular taste since they end up focusing on action or comedy without more.

It must be remembered that Casino Royale, the first film in which Daniel Craig took on the mantle of Bond, had intimate moments between the character and Eva Green, which was acknowledged by Juan Snaguino in the newspaper El País, stating that “the scenes of sex from the Bond saga are so choreographed that they can be a seduction tutorial.

In contrast, Craig’s last appearance in the saga did not show any sexual scene with Lea Seydoux, who plays Madeline Swann, the last couple of James Bond, and who is confirmed to be the mother of his only daughter. This aspect was not entirely to the liking of the fans, because although James Bond had already shown love interest in other women in the past, they used to die, so he never had a fixed partner and he was seen having constant sexual relations.

Changing the female role

For years, the Bond saga was characterized by having beautiful women, and although some had knowledge in the use of firearms, in the end they were always relegated to being the tragic love interest of the protagonist. This changed with the release of Specter: 007 in 2015, when Madeleine’s character appeared for the first time, revealing herself as Mr. White’s daughter, justifying her tough, fearless and intelligent attitude, which she shows again in No Time. To Die, denoting that beyond being an excellent psychologist, she is a survivor.

However, female empowerment is not only reflected in Madeleine, but also in Paloma, a character played by Ana de Armas, who is a rookie agent, something that seems to be an alibi, since she has great handling of firearms, and one of the best hand-to-hand combat scenes in the saga. In this regard, the actress commented that “the women in this film are not like those in the previous ones. Not just because they are strong or fight or carry weapons and kill people: they are women with personality, strong because of who they are as individuals, because of how the characters are built.”

Last but not least, Lashana Lynch plays Nomi, an elite agent who takes up the mantle of 007 during the first part of the film, when Bond poses as dead. Her character has quite a strong attitude, and proves to be worthy of being Bond’s successor, despite the fact that a long debate continues regarding the fact that 007 cannot be a woman, mainly because she is one of the greatest icons of masculinity. the last times.

Don’t waste any more time and enjoy the Bond movies, which are available on Prime Video from May 1, 2022. @mundiario

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No time to die, Skyfall and the entire James Bond saga come to Prime Video

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