Omar García, the modern Mexican ‘Robocop’

Three years of great results in the SSC-CDMX * He has become the leader of the capital police, his great work has dealt good blows to organized crime, a constant headache for criminal gangs and criminal cartels no longer feel the hard but thick, because they just can’t handle it


To speak of Omar García Harfuch is to mention a great policeman, the best in the entire history of the country, not to mention the modern ‘Mexican Robocop’.

His brilliant police career, from the Federal Police, in the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) dependent on the then Attorney General’s Office (PGR), in the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City and since October 4, 2019 as the head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

It has been three years at the head of the SSC, where he has become the leader of the capital police, his great work has given enormous results, it has been a headache for the criminal gangs and the criminal cartels no longer feel the hardship but thick, because they just can’t handle it.

These are three years of achievements and great blows to criminal organizations. She is a police officer of results that many already point to him for the Federal Secretariat instead of Rosa Icela Rodríguez, who is a very loved person in the journalistic environment because throughout her professional career she has been in Social Communication of various dependencies.

As it is in the public domain, Claudia Sheinbaum will seek the Presidency of the Republic, Rosa Icela will go to the CDMX Government Headquarters and García Harfuch will be in charge of the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), a position tailored to the Mexican Robocop costume.

Just imagine, the explosive ‘dynamic duo’ between Sheinbaum and Garcia would continue!


García Harfuch has proven to have the police “model” that should be extended to each and every one of the entities in the country.

Regarding the security reforms, which will be discussed in the Senate, due to the proposal to leave the Army in the streets until 2028, what is being done in CDMX should be considered: Put order in the police force and achieve efficient coordination with the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office, Sedena, National Guard and Semar.

The SSC-CDMX has achieved what no entity in the entire country. According to INEGI figures, there is the lowest level of perception of insecurity since 2014, with a reduction of 20 points in that measurement index.

Omar García is one of the most valuable assets of the country’s capital and the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum. He is one of the few officials well evaluated by the public, because the results achieved in three years are public and evident.

It has managed to reduce the main crimes that plague the city, homicides, theft of people, houses, vehicles and transportation. Likewise, collections of flat rights, kidnapping, extortion and, especially, drug trafficking.

The CDMX Secretary of Citizen Security has publicly explained some of the actions he took upon taking office on October 4, 2019.


In this regard, he stated: “We changed the way the police operate, since it had always been preventive and it was only possible to capture criminals in ‘flagrancia’. What was done, since March 2020, was to send an initiative to Congress so that the SSC had the power to investigate and with this it was possible to follow up, from the occurrence of the crime to the arrest.

A good example of the effectiveness of the SSC-CDMX was the “Operative Topilejo”, which took place on July 12, 2022, which many of us saw in the news, not as a set-up, but as a “surgical operation”. , carefully planned and coordinated between different security instances.

In it, it was possible to arrest 10 criminals, free hostages and seize high-powered firearms, including a “Barrett” and a machine gun.

Among the detainees there were 6 from Sinaloa, which demonstrates the presence of cartels in CDMX. García Harfuch accepts that there are drug trafficking cells in Mexico City, which his predecessors had denied. And the most important thing: it was achieved with solid investigations, with elements and evidence, that a judge linked the 10 detainees to trial after the acts of violence that occurred in Topilejo, Tlalpan mayor’s office, in the south of Mexico City.

Secretary Omar García, during the presentation of the criminal incidence report between January 2020 and March 2022, announced the arrest of 1,400 alleged generators of violence, such as leaders of criminal organizations, plaza bosses, financial operators, extortionists or drug dealers.

He stressed that these arrests help reduce crimes such as homicides or vehicle thefts. The arrests include people who belong to a criminal cell.

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The ‘Mexican Robocop’ highlighted 541 arrests of the Tepito Union; 99 of The Spoiled 3AD; 46 from El Güero Strawberry in Iztapalapa; 46 from Gota a Gota groups; 41 from Los Tanzanios: 36 from the Tláhuac Cartel; 36 from Los Rodolfos: 36 from Los Baltas; 26 detainees from Los Quintero Muñoz; 25 of the CJNG; 12 from the Tepito Anti-Union Force; and nine from Don Agus.

García Harfuch highlighted the execution of operations in conjunction with Sedena and Semar, with which 73 members of six criminal groups with an area of ​​operation in Mexico City have been arrested, such as La Ronda 88, Sinaloa Cartel, Jalisco Cartel , Quintero Muñoz, La Unión Tepito and another criminal cell derived from it, in charge of “El Lunares”.

Omar García said that the coordinated work with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office has allowed the detention of five priority objectives so far this year.

Since taking office, he has fought the most visible cartels in the city and has contained the entry of other more powerful ones from the interior of the country, such as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which is attributed to have been the author of the attempt on his life. , carried out on June 26, 2020, in which he received 414 bullet impacts and high-powered weapons and, although his life was in a thread, he was only injured by three bullet impacts, from which he recovered.


Omar García brings in his veins the blood and conviction of public service in terms of security and protection of civil society. He inherited from his father Javier García Paniagua and his grandfather Marcelino García Barragán, who left their mark on their time as honest, brave, honest and efficient officials.

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That is why Omar García brings the family’s political DNA, not in vain has he been mentioned as a potential candidate for the CDMX Head of Government, but he himself has denied it by expressing that he would like to continue collaborating with the police in case Claudia will win the election in 2024.

Secretary García Harfuch is a product of the culture of effort, he has prepared himself and climbed all levels in terms of security.

The guidelines used by Omar García in his investigations and arrests are in the direction of advancing in the New Accusatory Penal System, especially in the renewal of the Public Ministry, supported by the investigative police, since by its nature and function it is the one that gives solidity to a fair criminal procedure and guarantees.

Its function consists of “Clarifying the facts” through a solid investigation that supports the accusation.

It depends on their performance that there are data and reasons for valid and transparent evidence, which support a clear and persuasive explanation, not only for the victim, but also for the accused and society, at all stages of the criminal procedure, including the trial. oral and sentencing.

Another of the most important tasks that the Secretary of Citizen Security is carrying out is to put order inside the house, to avoid complicity of the police with delinquency due to corruption and old inertias that foster impunity.

It is on the lookout for monitoring, 24 hours a day, in the 16 municipalities. In addition, time is given to coordinate and supervise the tasks of special groups such as the “Ateneas”, a body of police women who monitor and control women’s demonstrations in the city.

The command, organization and security operation of CDMX could serve as a “model” to verify that with advanced security forces, credibility and efficiency can be restored to the police and civilian commands in all entities of the country.

Instead of “hugs and not bullets”, better training, investigation, intelligence… coordination with the MP and the Armed Forces, respect for human rights and, where appropriate, the legitimate use of violence, as the exclusive power of the State. The formula is not complicated, but leadership like that of García Harfuch and the political will of the higher civilian commands (governors) are required.

This could combat insecurity throughout the country. With this, it would be possible to mitigate impunity, as well as achieve a better administration of criminal justice and the strengthening of the long-awaited Rule of Law.


The presumed militarization of the country is in vogue and has generated controversy in different social spheres… and to put an end to the controversy that the National Guard should be under civilian command, because there is no one better than García Harfuch.

So much so that Enrique de la Madrid proposed that the current Secretary of Citizen Security of CDMX be appointed as head of the National Guard.

The National Guard must remain under civilian command. Wanting is power,” he adds,

And in Zacatecas, plagued by crime, they are looking for and need a police chief or prosecutor with the size and courage of García Harfuch.

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Despite the fact that CDMX is one of the most conflictive cities in the country, since the arrival of the grandson of General Marcelino García Barragán to the SSC-CDMX, it has dealt important blows to disorganized and organized crime.

And it is that the heads of Security in Zacatecas do not just give one, unlike García Harfuch, whose hand does not shake to act firmly and intelligently, and when it has been necessary he uses the pistol to give results and serve the citizens . García doesn’t mess around with little games, because he is a character of results, a modern Mexican ‘Robocop’.


According to various surveys, Claudia Sheinbaum has excellent chances of being Morena’s candidate, and with it, surely becoming the first female president of Mexico.

She owes her success, in the first place, to the popularity of President AMLO, but there is another factor that has contributed to the success of the head of government in the citizen’s preference: The fact that crime levels have decreased in the City of Mexico and this has a first and last name: Omar García Harfuch.

1664784875 19 Omar Garcia the modern Mexican Robocop

The ‘Robocop’ has been an architect of these achievements. And Sheinbaum has acknowledged it at any opportunity he can.

Sheinbaum is aware of the police chief’s good reputation and positions García Harfuch as a competent official who is capable of aspiring to a popularly elected position.

I reiterate: García Harfuch is a great asset for the country… and he will surely be considered by the incoming president, regardless of party color, to hold a position of greater responsibility and political exposure… and I am not saying this, but his great work at the head of the capital police endorse him and say that he is a great official with great results. At the time

With Omar García at the head of the SSC-CDMX, citizens are calm and safe. It sounds easy, but it is a difficult achievement to achieve. With 31 other state security secretaries like García Harfuch, Mexico would live in peace.

***Academician and consultant.

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Omar García, the modern Mexican ‘Robocop’

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