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Consumer goods and financial companies are constantly seeking to integrate new clients, who often arrive online, so organizations must have the necessary tools and resources to verify the identity of these people.

To say that the market is increasingly globalized is nothing new. Any company, regardless of its field, knows that digitization is crucial to move forward, and that competitiveness will increasingly depend on the ways in which information is presented, and online channels are an important part of that. In addition, this type of tool greatly helps users, with whom the first point of contact is when they want to become customers.

For this to happen, a certain number of considerations must be taken, because let’s remember that they arrived digitally. For this there is onboarding, this being a process of incorporating new clients through digital channels, for which identity verification is important, being transcendental within any category.

For Marcelo Mora, CEO of IDOK (https://idok.cl/), a Chilean company dedicated to optimizing management, digital identification and Electronic Signature processes, “the first challenge that companies have is to verify who the new client is, since they approach the channel digitally, so I have to make sure that be who you say you are. For this we ask security questions and we also use the Unique Key, because we know that the person obtained this number with prior physical verification of their identity. Therefore, both factors together more than meet the legal and minimum requirements that any company would need to identify it”.

This type of identity validation is essential for both financial and retail businesses, not only because it is necessary to know the potential customer in depth, but also because it is the first element that helps to mitigate the risk of fraud, which affects any independent organization its size or category. That is, identity validation helps maintain the integrity of the marketplace.

It is important to emphasize that this type of validation must be carried out by an expert entity on the subject, “some clients think that they can carry out the validation process and then send us that information, but the truth is that it is unnecessary, because they do not need hire a separate tool if the verification is done as part of the service we offer, and we also use mechanisms approved by the authority. Therefore, the process is as follows: the user enters the digital channel; our tool verifies her identity; once he identifies it, he hires the service; and then signs the document with an electronic signature”, adds Mora.

The implementation of this type of tool lowers costs, provides more legal certainty and improves the user experience because there is no double data checking. These benefits are for both the company and the client, with the main purpose being efficiency when contracting the service.

About: ID OK (https://idok.cl/) is a Chilean company dedicated to optimizing the processes of management, digital identification and electronic signature of people, companies and organizations. We develop products and solutions adapted to the new action scenarios in Chile and Latin America.

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Onboarding: How to avoid fraud and verify new customers who arrive online | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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