Opinion | The series about the bisexual Superman woke has been canceled by DC

Superman: Son of Kal-Elthe most woke series of comics DC has been canceled. DC Comics He announced it at the New York Comic-Con, after sales of the bisexual Superman did nothing but plummet.

the comic series Superman: Son of Kal-Elwritten by Tom Taylor, was released a year ago emphasizing Superman’s bisexuality, and with the clear intention of pushing the progressive political agenda with stories in which “The Person of Steel” fought against climate change and its consequences. “deniers”, rescued undocumented immigrants, and even wore a mask to promote the draconian Democrat protocols against the pandemic.

DC has announced that the series will last until December, the month in which the last installment will be published after only 18 issues, after its sales have fallen month after month after a debut that was already an economic failure for DC.

According to Bounding Into Comicssales estimates for the first issue only reached 68,800 copies, ranking 17th on the comic book sales charts, while the third issue dropped to 34,000 copies, a pitiful 77th spot in the rankings.

The problem is not Superman, but wokeism

If we compare the sales figures of the Superman woke up with those of other recent Superman series, we find that all of them have doubled in sales to the version queer Y social justice warrior of the hero kryptonian.

This disparity in sales would be a clear indicator of the failure of DC Comics in their attempt to spoon identity politics woke up. The corroboration that the failure is due to the political agenda of DC Comics is evident when we compare it with the success of rippaversethe anti-woke comic book series by libertarian artist Eric July.

It so happens that comic book artist Gabe Eltaeb left DC in 2021 as a matter of principle, when DC Comics decided to remove “America” ​​from Superman’s classic motto “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

“A year ago, I stood by my principles and left DC Comics for his anti-America hate comic of the narcissistic Social Justice Warrior Tom Taylor. I win”. screenshot of tweet of Gabe Eltaeb

Following his resignation, Gabe Eltaeb joined the project rippaverse by Eric July with which they raised funds worth $3.7 million for their first issue. Curiously, PayPal withheld this money from Eric July, in what could be seen as a new example of the coordinated attack of the Big Tech against opponents of the tyranny of ideology woke up.

“PayPal shenanigans are even more criminal than they thought. This has nothing to do with their Terms of Service. But they’re going to give me that money back, you better believe it.”

Despite the umpteenth confirmation of the maxim “go woke, go broke“, in DC Comics are still bent on being a vehicle for leftist propaganda, and have announced that after the cancellation of Superman: Son of Kal-Elwill release in January 2023 a new series with Tom Taylor entitled Adventures of Superman: Jon Kentin which the character will remain queer.

This name change seems like a mere trick to take advantage of sales among collectors of number 1s, in a desperate attempt to keep alive a politicized Superman that the public has chosen to ignore.

Ignacio Manuel García Medina, Business Management teacher. Artist and lecturer specialized in Popular Culture for various platforms. Presenter of the program “Pop Libertario” for the Juan de Mariana Institute. Lives in the Canary Islands, Spain // Ignacio M. García Medina is a professor of Business Management. He is a member of the Juan de Mariana Institute and a lecturer specializing in Popular Culture and ideas of Liberty.

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Opinion | The series about the bisexual Superman woke has been canceled by DC

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