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They just killed him or he leaves or whatever God wants has happened. Nothing is eternal, although 23 years seem so and although Paolo Vasile seems to have so much power that it was God who sat at his right hand, in reality he had bosses and years.

in the finery of Big Brother ever said. Many times at press conferences, when she had to complain about something. Mercedes Milawho does not mince words, I would even say that he wears it with the laser done, he called Paolo Vasile ‘The White Fox’.

Milá said of him that he was very intelligent, and he didn’t lie. Paolo Vasile was a television animal, with a nose for success, but with a gruff style.

And furthermore, Telecinco has been in the doldrums for many months, with the audiences like Calimero de tristes (if you have taken this reference, you are older) and almost nothing of what they have released has worked. The atmosphere smelled of change in high places.

and although you can not deny the smell and the many successes audience, also had shadows. The Lion King would have preferred Simba to go to the elephant graveyard before the shadows of Paolo Vasile.

“Angry audience, assured audience” was a maxim that was heard through the corridors of Mediaset more than once. Controversies are always welcome. if they brought a few more spectators. But winter comes, even if you don’t want to. Thank you, Rocío, for knowing so much.

Another example, he was ruthless. Legend has it that if you met Paolo Vasile and he said goodbye to you, when saying goodbye, from his table, you were finished. She had gone wrong. If she got up to the door of the office and there she gave you her hand or two kisses, fine. And if he went with you to the elevator, it had gone great. The latter happened infrequently.

On the other hand, Vasile burned what worked. If a format had an audience it was used and used and used until it burned. Joan of Arc was a Mediaset format. He stretched the gum until he was fed up, determined to make the contents profitable.

There was a time when Big Brother I occupied three weekly galas every week, and, every day, another hour in Ana Rosa, another two in Save me, more in the weekend program… Do you have the image of a force-fed turkey with a funnel? Something like that.

Also, Paolo Vasile, and this is one of his big mistakes, was allergic to the press. He disgusted journalists, beyond being nice at press conferences and in the 21st century he still thinks that information can be retained. So it was leaking like a house under a river.

Once at a party I went up to him and said, “Hey, you have a good communication team.” He responded to me: “I am worried that a journalist will tell me“. For him the correct relationship between his press department and journalists was not cordiality. Perhaps if he had trusted more in making his press office another rooster would have sung.

Most of the chains and platforms have special access for the press, so that they can see their content in order to write about it, make criticism or reports. Mediaset, no. Mitele was never open to the press. Result: ostracism, content that goes unnoticed.

That same angry policy that we were talking about was carried over to the content. Shouting at a fellow in Telecinco was the most. Shout, confront, defenestrate collaborators or celebrities as appropriate… he failed to see that after two years of the pandemic, people were already tired of the fights and controversies.

And on top of… who? Under the Vasile empire, Mediaset was lowering costs by lowering the prices of the celebrities he spoke of or who appeared in his reality shows. “The new contestant is Paco; son of Puri, the fifth one; who cleaned in the doorway of Camotes Street, 234; where Yola Berrocal lived!” Mediaset was filled with second-rate celebrities. After third, after fourth… then you were watching Telecinco and that came to your mind: “But who are you?”.

The detachment also came from turning a deaf ear to the audience. Controversy after controversy. Votes that were paid and about which there were later suspicions (beyond conspiracy theories) or contestants with whom the audience spent the money to cast and then were refished as if nothing.

Perhaps the times and forms will change in Telecinco (see Mediaset). Perhaps it is understood that the relationship with the press is fundamental and that, above all, you cannot get along badly with your audience.

With everything, I can’t deny that Vasile’s departure makes me a little sad, because it marks the end of a stage that had overtones of the golden age of television. On the other hand… I hope I am not naive in waiting for a new dawn.

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Paolo Vasile, goodbye to the ‘White Fox’ that Mercedes Milá spoke of | Opinion of Gus Hernandez

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