Power Rangers is leaving Netflix: which seasons will no longer be on the streaming platform?

Mighty Morphin, Wild Force or Dino Thunder are among the most endearing generations of “Power Rangers”, one of the most successful American superhero franchises of all time. Based on its Japanese version, Super Sentai, the brand was in the hands of Saban, Disney, returned to Saban, until its purchase in 2018 by Hasbro. Now, at the beginning of 2021, he would leave Netflix after almost 4 years on it.

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The reason

As the platform responded to one of its followers, the withdrawal is due to the expiration of the transmission licenses that Netflix has to transmit the series or some of its generations. Of course, not all the seasons, but most of them would be withdrawn from the streaming. Here is the list of those that leave us:

Mighty Morphon Alien Rangers (1996 – 10 episodes)

Power Rangers Zeo (1996 – 50 episodes)

Beetle Borgs (1997 – 88 episodes)

Power Rangers Turbo (1997 – 45 episodes)

Power Rangers In Space (1998 – 43 episodes)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999 – 45 episodes)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000 – 40 episodes)

Power Rangers Time Force (2001 – 40 episodes)

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002 – 40 episodes)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003 – 38 episodes)

Power Ranger Dino Thunder (2004 – 38 episodes)

Power Rangers SPD (2005 – 38 episodes)

Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006 – 32 episodes)

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007 – 32 episodes)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008 – 32 episodes)

Power Rangers RPM (2009 – 32 episodes)

Power Rangers Samurai (2011 – 20 episodes)

Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012 – 20 episodes)

Power Rangers Megaforce (2013 – 20 episodes)

Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014 – 20 episodes)

Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015 – 22 episodes)

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge (2016 – 22 episodes)

As well as two other Haim Saban productions:

VR Troopers (1994 – 92 episodes)

Beetleborgs (1996 – 88 episodes)

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It would be more than 700 episodes that would be removed, more than 10 days of content from the franchise devised by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. The titles that will still be available on the platform, until further notice, are the following:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (4 seasons)

power rangers ninja steel

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary Battle Extended Edition

Power Rangers Samurai Christmas Together Friends Forever (2011)

Power Rangers Samurai Clash of the Red Rangers (2011)

Power Rangers Super Samurai Trickster Treat (2012)

Power Rangers Super Samurai Stuck on Christmas (2012)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the most recent of its generations, would remain, since the first season was uploaded until October 2019 and the second in October 2020. Fans of the saga and Netflix will only have to settle for what they will have at hand. hand.


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Power Rangers is leaving Netflix: which seasons will no longer be on the streaming platform?

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