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The Dark Knight fans showed that they have no filler, because right after it came out Batman: Arkham Knight, they were already asking for another installment in the series. In response we got Gotham Knights.

There were rumors that Rocksteady was already making a titleafter Warner Bros. Montreal was in another one and, in the end, it turned out that yes, everything was real and they had been keeping the secret for a while.

This time we had the chance to sink our teeth – in other words, put our hands on it – to this title developed by Warner Bros. Montreal and we tell you how it went with this action title that will be released on October 21, 2022

What is Gotham Knights about?

The first thing you should know is that this is not a sequel to batman arkham gamesalso not related to the Suicide Squad game, this is a brand new franchise, with four iconic Batfamily heroes and a Gotham City thrown into chaos by lack of authority and a vigilante.

Yes, just as you just heard. There is no more Batman in Gotham. Only Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Tim Drake’s version of Robin remain. Despite having different paths and personalities, they must team up and face all the thugs who are on the loose in one of the most chaotic cities in the DC Comics universe.

Image: Warner Bros. Games

However, It is an open world game. That gives you certain liberties when it comes to exploration, sub-story development and character progression. What is true is that there is a straight path to finish the game, only if you want to get all the collectibles, then you will have to explore a lot.

The scene of Gotham Knights It looks impressive, it is full of details, easter eggs and stories that you will surely recognize if you are a fan of comics. It is this kind of production values ​​that make this game a very complete proposal that many are sure to enjoy.

Gotham Knights and their combat mechanics

The first detail to pay attention to is that this is not Batman: Arkham. So forget about counters and slow motion. Yes, there is a lot of stealth, but it doesn’t work the same as in the series developed by Rocksteady Games.

Here are two details that you should pay close attention to. GOtham Knights is an action game in every sense of the word. How you approach each mission depends a lot on the character you’re using. If you bring Robin, you’ll have stealth on your side. Red Hood is a tank and resists the lot. Everyone has something to contribute and different game plans.

Gotham Knights Mr Freeze
Source: Warner Bros. Games

On the other hand, while you can throw in solo missions, there’s also room for multiplayer, which even feels much more natural than single player. It’s not like you put the Teen Titans together with the Guardians of Bludhaven, you formed a team with the Gotham Knights and the joke is to see them all kicking butt.

Likewise, the game developed by Waner Bros. Montreal has many elements of investigation in which you will have to overcome some puzzles in order to solve the cases. As we mentioned, Gotham is chaos at all levels and it is necessary to solve cases with all possible detective methods.

How Knights of Gotham progress

Gotham Knights It has very clear and certainly entertaining progression elements. It’s not just about leveling up characters as you complete missions, there’s also room for loadout, which is a very important element.

Let’s start with the skill tree. A superhero game should always have this section, otherwise it wouldn’t be one as such. Each one has skills and characteristics to exploit that affect their performance. Then you have the Momentum moves which are special attacks that have a cooldown so you don’t overuse them.

Gotham Knights Robin
Source: Warner Bros. Games

On the outfit side we have the most entertaining element in character progression and it has to do with the pieces our heroes wear. We saw this for a short time, but, there is room to collect parts and make new outfits or take existing ones.

These have parameters like the ones you see in games like Destiny or Outriders. Here you play with all the elements and designs. And, it is not for others that the designs are respected a lot, so you will not see some kind of crazy combination that has nothing to do with it.

Tastes better with multiplayer

Gotham Knights it feels great when it comes to a multiplayer experience. In our gaming experience we overcome a level where we face Harley Quinn between Robin and Red Hood. While one was very stealthy, the other attacked his victims like a tank.

The strategy is certainly vocal, you have to decide “who goes to the right” and “who goes to the other side”. This can lead to the use of gadgets, checking where the enemies are and facing in the best possible way a mission in which you sometimes have to save a hostage or defeat a boss.

Gotham Knights Multiplayer
Source: Warner Bros. Montreal

The experience is rewarding, if not fun. It is a brawler in the full extent of the word and it is seen that there will be many moments when the combat will be the next frantic. It is a game mode that, we hope, is as friendly as possible so that everyone can take advantage of it.

Something you should not be afraid of is that the loot you get after each mission will be shared, that is, there is something for everyone, it is not about going around denying the rewards.

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The Court of Owls

Both the executive producer and the head of the narrative made it very clear to us that the inspiration behind Gotham Knights is the Court of Owls, story written by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

In this story we learn more about part of the history behind the founders of Gotham, Bruce Wayne’s family and others. It’s 7 issues and it’s a must read for fans of the Dark Knight.

open world gotham knights
Image: Warner Bros. Games

Now, on the game side, we have that this story is the base, so the references will not be missing, but also various adjustments here and there so that it is not a copy-paste and the game is the same as Scott’s comic Snyder.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that our heroes have a story behind them. Dick Grayson has matured enough to be Nightwing and the leader of the group. Barbara Gordon recovered from the injury that left her in a wheelchair and returned to wearing the mantle of Batgirl. Jason Todd is half lury, but who wouldn’t be after coming back from the Lazarus Pit? Tim Drake, perhaps the sanest of all, has also already passed through the unfortunate death of his father and must continue the legacy of Batman as Robin.

Are we ready for a new game without Batman?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Batman fans are not full. With everything and that Arkham Knight finished the story, because the players wanted more, but, Warner Bros. Games decided to go down a more risky path and take advantage of these characters who also have a lot to contribute.

Gotham Knights that takes you back to Gotham, it’s a new franchise with a different gameplay experience. Right now it’s too early to tell you “play it” “give it to yourself”. No, you have to wait for the finished product, because it would not make sense to establish a score.

Gotham Knights plus Robin
Image: Warner Bros. Montreal

What we’re getting at is that while the game is fun, it’s not perfect either. There are a lot of issues with the camera and physics, but they will surely be fixed with a day 1 patch.

Don’t forget that Gotham Knights comes out on October 21 on PS5, Xbox Series X and S and PC. Excited? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments. Remember that we walk in Twitter, Facebook, Discord and that you can see all our news through Google news.

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