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Prime Video has acquired the rights to ‘Zorro’, a new fiction series that recovers the classic character of modern literature. The Amazon platform will offer this production in Spain, United States and Latin America.

The Spanish company Secuoya Studios is working on this production together with KC Global Media, C&T Mobs and NoStatusQuo Studios. Today the team in front of and behind the camera has also been revealed: Michael Bernardeau (‘Elite’) and Renata Notny (‘La Venganza de las Juanas’) will embody the leading couple, while in the direction are Javier Quintas (‘The paper house’, ‘Sky Rojo’) and Miguel Angel Vivas (‘Apaches’, ‘Vis a vis: El Oasis’, the film pending release ‘siege’). The recording will take place in Canary Islands.

Miguel Bernardeau and Renata Notni.

‘Zorro’, with ten chapters, is created and written by Carlos Portela (‘Iron’, ‘Velvet Collection’). The executive production is carried out by David Martinez, David Cotarelo and Angela Agudo (Sequoia Studios), John Gertz and Andy Kaplan (KC Global Media), Sergio Pizzolante (C&T Mobs), and Jesus Torres Viera and Glenda Pacanins (NoStatusQuo Studios).

“When Andy, Jesús and Sergio proposed to us to do Zorro, and we obtained the trust of John Gertz, we faced that honor and that responsibility of taking the most important Hispanic American hero of all time and adapt it to a new generation; and for this we have been fortunate to have Prime Video, the best possible travel companions, to be able to form a luxury cast as well as the best creative and production team in the industry”, emphasizes David Martínez, director of Fiction at Secuoya Studios and executive producer of the series.

‘Zorro’, based on the adventures of the character Diego de la Vega Created by the writer and journalist Johnston McCulley, it is presented as “an updated version of the contemporary hero, symbol of justice and defender of the oppresseda new beginning for an ancestral spirit that has been occupying different identities throughout the centuries.»

The leading duo

The protagonist of this adventure story will be played by the young Valencian actor Michael Bernardeau. Trained in Dramatic Art in the United States, he began his career in the world of acting in the film ‘It’s for your own good’ (Carlos Theron). Internationally known for his role as Guzmán in the Netflix series ‘Elite’Bernardeau recently premiered the series ‘everything else’ (HBO Max) and has a premiere pending ‘1899’the new production from the creators of ‘Dark’ (Netflix), and ‘The last’ on Disney+. On the big screen, she has also worked under the orders of Gracia Querejeta in ‘Crime wave’ and Javier Marco in ‘Josephine’.

For its part, the Mexican Renata Notny will give life to Lolita Márquez, the love of youth of the protagonist. Renata has established herself as one of the most important young actresses in Mexico, highlighting her participation in more than 15 projects in film, theater and television, including the series ‘The Dragon’ (2019-2020) and recently ‘The Revenge of the Juanas’ (2021) successful adaptation of the series ‘Las Juanas’ by Bernardo Romero produced by Netflix.

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Prime Video acquires ‘Zorro’, a new series in which Secuoya Studios participates – Audiovisual451

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