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· Defining measurable and achievable objectives is one of the recommendations given by the experts to carry out analyzes that positively influence the work structure of the collaborators, within the organizations.

Productivity continues to be a matter of discussion in companies regardless of their size or category, due to the project that seeks to reduce the working day to 40 hours per week and that continues to be a topic of conversation within the Ministries of Labor, Finance and Economy, from where they hope to advance in the measure, at least, before this first semester. In the midst of this, companies continue to target employee performance.

In this sense, the experts suggest that the evaluation of workers is important in this stage of reflection, in which measures to increase productivity must be installed based on accurate measurements.

“It is essential to define specific, measurable and achievable objectives, while the evaluations must be fair and use the same criteria when analyzing the profiles. Companies often focus on financial goals, which are achieved through a basic pillar that is people. For this reason, it is important to know how well employees feel, since they are, finally, the ones who make businesses reach the desired numbers”, comments César Ozán, Executive Director and CEO of IntelliHelp (, a company dedicated to the delivery of various IT solutions for organizations of various sizes.

In this line, from the company they deliver some important keys to take into account, to prepare a performance evaluation that makes sense and that has the best impact on the organization:

· Voluntary desertion: it is important to be aware of what is known as “Voluntary attrition”, which is to measure how many people in your company are leaving voluntarily and not because they are fired. If the metrics are conclusive, it’s time to make adjustments based on those results soon.

· They are all important: It is necessary to understand that, as an organization, you do not have to have all the top ten talents among your employees, since each person is useful within the roles they perform, which is why it is relevant that this metric is present in all levels of the company based on its capabilities.

· Engagement: this shows how committed your employees are to the company, do they feel comfortable wearing a backpack with the name of your company? Would they invite family or friends to work in it? These are questions that help to know the level of commitment of the employees. When the level of ”engagement” is high, anything can happen outside the company (such as a social outburst), without this moving the collaborators, since they will be content and happy in their workplace.

· inclusiveness: Another important metric to measure is how inclusive your company is. The ecosystems with the most biodiversity are the ones that best arouse catastrophes, which is why the more diverse the team of employees, the richer it will be in opinions and also in growth.

As a way of contributing to this type of process, IntelliHelp has tools to facilitate this type of internal analysis, according to César Ozán: “Through technological innovation, we help performance measurements to be fast, complete and objective. At InteliHelp we assist companies so that they can put together a measurement board (Balanced Score Card), where they will have all the important pillars of the company, so that the leadership team can make decisions proactively based on a roadmap and on important action metrics, and not reactively.”

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Project 40 hours: Performance evaluations would be key to an improvement in productivity | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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