Protest for dead man after being subdued in Zorro Abarrotero

Friends and family of Jose Alonso Gutierrez Monroya man who died on November 22 after being subdued by security personnel and a branch of Grocery Fox for allegedly stealing, they protest in Avenida de las Torres, Naucalpan de Juarez, at the height of the store.

About 30 people occupy two lanes of the road towards the Mexico City, while yelling “Murderous Grocery Fox!” and show cardboard with messages asking for justice.

They arrived at the site Security elements, while circulation has been affected since the La Presa area.

Esthefani Mendoza, who said she was the wife of the man who died, assured that her partner Jose Alonsodid not steal anything from the place and even accused that the company has misrepresented the information on how the events occurred

The man identified as an alleged fardero allegedly tried to steal merchandisebut a security guard and an employee of the establishment subdued him until he died.

The policeman took cognizance of the facts and observed that a man was lying on the floor in the cash register area of ​​the store.

“The company is misrepresenting things. My husband is not a raider, my husband is a father of honored family and I want to ask everyone to help me clear his name please. The company already misrepresented everything; she said that according to him he had gone to hold up the store. How is it possible that my husband is going to go hold up the store while I am outside with my children in the truck waiting for him?

“I had given him money to go buy the commodity because we have always stocked up there, because we have a small business in which we work every day. Right now they took away my livelihood, which is the father of my children, they took everything from me. My children are not going to return their father, but I just want to please clear the name of my husband José Alonso Gutiérrez Monroy and that justice be done, ”he said.

The place manager told the police that a security element attached to the store tried to stop a man who had stolen merchandise without paying. It was then that both began to struggle, but when the man refused to be searched, the security guard locked his neck, taking him to the floor. Warehouse personnel came out to support the guard and put their knee on the alleged thief’s neck, who was rendered unconscious.

After asking for the emergency servicesparamedics of the ambulance 104 of Civil protection they certified that the alleged fardero had already died. According to the woman, they have been denied the recordings of the establishment. “We don’t know anything, they don’t tell us anything, but it’s not possible,” she accused.

The lady even pointed out that in the death certificate It was established that the man died of a heart attack, a result that she questioned since she stated that her husband did not have any heart problems and even played sports; “My husband was killed, this was a homicide, this was not an accident,” she said.

“A person who works in the parking lot told me ‘hurry up because four of them have her husband!’ They had him beaten, when I went there he was already without vital signs, he was purple and they still had him there on the ground, handcuffed and the policeman with his foot on top of me; this is not fair because my husband was an honest person. We were up to date, my children ask me ‘When is dad going to come back?’, ‘Did dad wake up yet?’”, he said.

The security guard, who said his name was Bacilio “N”, was arrested and placed at the disposal of the authorities. The man said he was 51 years old and was an employee of the Seprisa company, while a worker from the company was also arrested. Grocery Fox identified as Aldo “N”, 18 years old for his alleged participation in the events. However, the woman accused that there is another fugitive person allegedly involved and the store “has not provided anything (information) and they continue working as if nothing had happened.”

Esthefani Mendoza assured that Jose Alonso Gutierrez Monroy was a registered store customer with customer number 603400, so “they can’t say it was a raider”


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Protest for dead man after being subdued in Zorro Abarrotero

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