Recognition to Paul Stratton, Everton fan who turned to Ukraine

This is one of those stories to remember. Paul Strattonfan of Evertonwill never forget the night of July 29, 2022. The 44-year-old English fan was able to take a penalty in the friendly match that pitted the team he loves against the Dynamo Kyiv. During the meeting, Frank Lampard gave entrance to the fan of the toffees in Goodison Park to score the maximum penalty.

An award for generosity

Paul Stratton is one of those people who dedicates himself body and soul to helping others. Liverpool municipal worker, he has been helping ukrainian refugees affected by the war. Stratton decided to go to Poland with his car to take food and supplies to refugees fleeing the Russian invasion.

In the match played between the English and the Ukrainians, labeled as “the party for peace” Something unusual happened. Towards the end of the match, Lampard brought in a player who is not in his squad. It was Paul Stratton, who was rewarded for his generosity and solidarity fulfilling the dream of many fans: score a goal with the team you love.

Dressed in his team colors, Stratton jumped onto the field to take the penalty. Lampard did not hesitate to encourage the visibly nervous fan, the match referee did not miss the opportunity to relax Stratton either. Finally, with the help of the Ukrainian goalkeeper, the fan fulfilled his dream and scored the goal.

both sets they wanted to reward the kindness and good faith of English. This demonstrates, once again, that football breaks down barriers and that, in this case, far beyond a simple sport. After getting the goal, Stratton, celebrated the goal by falling to the ground before being able to hug each and every one of the Everton players. Goodison Park did not hesitate to cheer the fan who witnessed a night to remember.

Football gives a great image after the incidents in Turkey

What happened at the Everton stadium, without a doubt, was great news for the world of football after the unfortunate incidents that occurred in Turkey between Fenerbahรงe and Dynamo kyiv, in the Champions League preview. During the meeting, a large sector of the local fans chanted in favor of Vladimir Putinthus staining the world of football.

Dynamo kyiv players celebrate a goal / Photo: EFE

The money generated by the sale of tickets, according to the kyiv club, will go to charitable and humanitarian organizations to continue trying to help the people who need it most in Ukraine. Once again football turns to injustice and manages to move us with gestures like the one experienced in Goodison Park, because football is not just “11 guys running after a ball”.

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Recognition to Paul Stratton, Everton fan who turned to Ukraine

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