Retroanalysis of Die Hard Trilogy, the explosive 32-bit combo that tried to recreate all three Jungle Glass movies (in its own way)

A christmas tradition that my wife has hit me is to review the first film of Crystal jungle the night of December 24. Because we all know, or should know, that this movie starring John McClane is a one of the best to see at Christmas. But the same cannot be said for the game.

We are talking specifically about Die Hard Trilogy from Probe Entertainment, a video game that I once had on PlayStation and that, by chance, I got back for Saturn in a pretty juicy lot more than a decade ago. Hence, I decided to replay it this time to see how it had aged.

Yippee ki-yay you fucking terrorists!

Die Hard Trilogy

My memory with this “three in one” edited by Fox Interactive was that of “it had its little things, but no part was memorable”. Because what the Probe studio did with this commission on the original trilogy of Crystal jungle was create a hodgepodge of genres for each of the films, working moderately well as a whole and going unnoticed separately.

So we had to Die Hardthe first part, was an action game set in the skyscraper Nakatomi, where you had to kill a lot of terrorists and save not a few civilians while John McClane began his ascent to the top floor. He never stood out shooterbeing quite limited in terms of technical and control features, but at least the plants (too numerous, it must also be said) offered a minimum of design variety so as not to fall into the most absolute tedium after two hours.

die harderthe sequel, was also a shooterbut on rails, Virtua Cop. In fact, graphically they were on a par, despite the fact that the SEGA classic had more charm and was more competent. Interestingly, you could also play with a pistol, but neither then nor now have I been able to try it with that accessory.

Die Hard Trilogy, a cocktail with an arcade spirit

Die Hard Trilogy

In my view, it is still the funniest game of the three, because it replicates quite well what you felt in that kind of game and you had to pay close attention to what was appearing on the screen, both when it came to not shooting civilians and picking up other types of weapons. And to top it off, there were parts of the stage that could be smashed. A pity that it did not stand out graphically.

None of the three games did, on the other hand. And the one from the third movie (Die Hard with a Vengeance) was no exception either. There he repeated the action, but instead of shooting, by means of a vehicle with soul of the mythical Chase HQ of Taito Corporation. Because our objective was to find all the explosives in the city and destroy them with our car. It had its point, but there were sections (the tunnels, mainly) that clouded the whole and became very chaotic, to the point of being almost an impossible mission not to run over civilians. And with blood.

The reception of Die Hard Trilogy in the market was remarkable, which led him to have a sequel in 2000 under the name of Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas. Personally, however, I still prefer that SEGA arcade (Die Hard Arcade) by way of beat ’em up that reached Saturn.

Has it stood the test of time well?

Nopebut he was not a prodigy in his day either. Die Hard Trilogy is still a product for the most inveterate fan of Jungle of Glass looking for popcorn action to take off the monkey during short, intense sessions. And as ugly, simple and limited as it is, I’ve loved playing it again.

Die Hard Trilogy

Die Hard Trilogy

platforms PC, PlayStation and Saturn (reviewed version)
multiplayer Nope
developer ProbeEntertainment
Company FoxInteractive
Launch nineteen ninety six
Price Not available

The best

  • Three games in one on Jungle of Glass
  • The sequel as a Virtua Cop


  • Graphically it was ugly as fuck
  • Improvable control
  • Performance bugs everywhere
  • He did not know how to take advantage of the charm of the movies

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Retroanalysis of Die Hard Trilogy, the explosive 32-bit combo that tried to recreate all three Jungle Glass movies (in its own way)

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