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One of the best stories ever written and drawn for Superman

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If you look at any list with the best Superman comics, you will always see the two that Alan Moore wrote and this one that concerns us. What happened to the man of tomorrow? For the man who has everything and this all star superman. It is something that does not fail. What can vary is the order in which they appear, but they are always there.

Between 2005 and 2008 the twelve issues that make up this limited series were published and show the personal vision that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely have of the most important hero in the history of comics. Creating an adventure outside the canon, they show with each vignette the love and affection they feel not only for the mythical character, but for the comic itself as a means of expression. With the former for his respectful treatment and attention to detail and, with the latter, for that sophisticated and polished way of narrating, both in images and in text, each of the twelve parts that make up this masterpiece.

Each of the publishers that has published DC comics in our country has edited this work, always in a dignified and solvent manner. However, now ECC Ediciones includes it in its Black Label library, with an extra deluxe edition that lives up to the work and that allows us to enjoy it like never before. But let’s start by telling what this All Star Superman is about…

Helping to rescue a spaceship destined to study the Sun, Superman receives an excessive discharge of “energy” that overloads his cells… and condemns him to death. The Man of Steel knows that he is going to die in a short period of time and, before the inevitable happens, he will carry out twelve tasks (emulating the Greek demi-god) with which, among other things, he will tie up some open ends and close wounds. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely take us on a carousel of sensations, emotions and adventures, accompanying Kal El during his last days. We are going to witness epic battles, emotional moments and reunions, shaping complex stories in each of the twelve numbers that make up this series.

Morrison is a master creating stories, endowing them with that science fiction that blurs between science and mystery, where anything can happen and can, one way or another, be explained. Telling something big through small moments, using all kinds of characters… habitual or not, to whom he knows how to endow great charisma and importance. The details also fill the story, either as nods to the “Superman universe” or to culture in general.

And for a story of a certain complexity they had to find an artist up to the task. Quitely is not to everyone’s liking, but his personal style finds in this work one of its best moments. Superman is imposing while transmitting serenity, kindness, confidence. Not all authors know how to read the essence of the character, but Quitely nails it and represents a being of light, powerful and attentive, intelligent but not arrogant. the opposite happens with his nemesis Lex Luthor, who breathes disdain and arrogance. And between those two extremes we find the entire gallery of characters that populate the comic.

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Morrison and Quitely worked in harmony and with very clear ideas. Dan Didio, the editor who decided to leave the project completely free to the discretion of its authors, was completely right to trust their good work. At the same time they re-invent and respect the Superman universe to tell us how their end comes. They humanize him while treating him like an almighty god. Through their actions and thoughts, as well as through their image, the authors show us a Man of Steel full of humanity, fears and desires… without ever leaving behind the epic and fast-paced combats, impossible adventures and incredible feats.

I will finish as I started, insisting on how great this comic is, one of the best stories (perhaps the best) that you can read about the character. Stop in the dialogues, enjoy and savor each shot and each vignette, let yourself be carried away by the visual narrative rhythm of the work… All Star Superman has no waste and is a wonderful read for the fan. With this edition, in addition, it is consecrated as an essential.

Stay with the cover image. A mighty Superman picked himself up, sitting down and turning his friendly face towards us. This is how this work is, strong and at the same time sensitive. He is simply Superman.

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Review: “All Star Superman”, Black Label Edition

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