Review of ‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Quarry of Gods’

The inevitable resurgence of Thanos

At this time it is not very difficult to find volumes dedicated to telling stories of Thanosthe protagonist of the last great cinematographic success of Marvel Studios, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. From the most classic stories by jim starlin to its origin by the hand of Jason Aarongoing through its own regular series, whose second volume has come to us in a hardcover edition not long ago from the hand of Panini Comics under the title ‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Quarry of Gods’.

Cover of number #7 of the Thanos regular series

Lemire’s goodbye

After a long stay in The House of Ideas as a screenwriter, it seems that after this work we can now find Mr. Lemire in almost any editorial except this one. In DC Comics is scripting ‘The Terrifics’that luck of Fantastic four updated, in Image Comics we found him in ‘Descend’ Y ‘Gideon Falls’in darkhorse continues to succeed with ‘Black Hammer’ and its spin-offs, and in Valiant keep posting ‘Bloodshot Salvation’.

His last job for marvel comics It was precisely the one made here, the second part of a series that began magnificently with a twist on a well-known character and with a cartoonist, Mike Deodato Jr.who is probably now in the sweetest moment of his career.

Life is very hard in the ruins of Titan

In that first volume we met the son of Thanos, Thanefruit of love mad titan with a member of the tribe of inhumana tormented being who set out to assemble a group of powerful allies to take down his father: starfoxhis uncle and brother of Thanos, whom in the Spanish edition they insist on calling star fox; nebuladaughter of Thanos and the DeathY Tryco the Champion. This curious team will end up achieving their goal, although perhaps not in the way some of them expected. And so we come to the end of the first volume, in which Thanos is little more than a dying being with no hint of powers who must survive in the ruins of Titan

The Quarry of Gods

It is evident that Thanos’ situation is merely transitory. He has fallen to then rise. And that’s because now Thane has revealed himself to be a far greater evil to the universe than he himself was in all the glory of his power.

The Quarry of Gods, a book deus ex machina

Nebula, Tryco and Starfox are now aware that having helped Thane (a being now really powerful, since he controls the Phoenix Force) has been a serious mistake, and they decide that it is a mistake that is still in their power to correct. For this, they see no better solution than to find what is left of Thanos and help him recover his power so that he can kill his son. You know, the enemy of my enemy…

And this is where Mr. Lemire, either because of the rush to resolve the ballot and get out of Marvel Comics, or because he was having a day that was not too inspired or because of a downturn in his involvement in the series, pulls out of his sleeve a concept of the that we had never heard of in the marvel universe: the Quarry of Gods.

The old witches who guard the Quarry of the Gods look like pretty hearty ladies.

It is about a place beyond the known limits of the universe that Thanos is aware of thanks to that time he had in his possession all the infinity gems. According to legend (a legend that everyone seems to have heard of, as is often the case in these cases) that place could be the answer to Thanos’ prayers, and if it were real, he could return to all his splendor and get enough power to face the now invincible Thane. According to Lemire himself, the idea came to him a few years ago when his son, very much in love with Greek mythology at the time, was playing in a hole in the sand with a truck and said to his father: “Dad, this is the quarry of gods. Sometimes the great ideas come from the most innocent minds…

It’s a pretty powerful concept that can give a lot of play if it’s given continuity within the Marvel Universe in the hands of a competent writer, yet it seems like a solution to the problems of our overly convenient and out-of-the-blue protagonist. But ignoring that, the truth is that the test that Thanos must overcome to get what he wants from the Quarry of Gods is a pretty funny idea…

Thane with the Phoenix Force is not an easy opponent to defeat

From Brazil to Argentina

In the first volume we had the Brazilian Mike Deodato Jr. in top form, really magnificent. With the change of goal, Lemire has gone to Argentina to look for a substitute, and has found him in German Peraltawho is accompanied on this occasion by the colorist Rachelle Rosenberg. Peralta’s work may not reach the levels of excellence that Deodato had set, but if we forget about the unnecessary comparisons, the class of this cartoonist can be appreciated. A cartoonist who, by the way, still has a long career ahead of him that could give us readers a lot of joy. And it is that this guy has not been in comics for too long, since it is enough to go back to the year 2014 to find his first work of some importance, a tie-in of the event ‘Axis’ for Marvel Comics, a publisher from which he has hardly left since (except for a brief flirtation with the Distinguished Competition), where his most notable works would be some numbers from the stage of R.L. Stine in ‘Man Thing’ and a few others in ‘Agents of SHIELD’together with the scriptwriter Marc Guggenheim.

Once this story arc is finished, he will now be the lord Donny C Cates, one of the great promises of La Casa de las Ideas, the one who takes over from Lemire and brings the series to its conclusion. We will have to wait a few months to see if Thanos closes in style or suffers from the change…

The tome ‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Gods Quarry’ published by Panini Comics in hard cover contains 144 pages in color and includes translation by Uriel Lopez from issues #7 to #12 of the American edition of the second volume of the regular series Thanos. The volume also includes the original covers of the numbers contained in the compilation, a gallery of alternative covers made by different artists and an introduction under the title ‘Not with my son’ written by Francis Lopez. The recommended retail price is €15 and was put up for sale in April 2018.


jeff lemire

Born in 1976 in Canada, he started out studying Film but, realizing that his solitary personality didn’t fit very well with the profession, he switched to comics. His first publication was ‘Lost Dogs’ in 2005, to continue with ‘Essex Country Trilogy’ for Top Shelf Production in 2008-2009, a work that was nominated for Eisner and Harvey awards. Later, he went to work for DC, taking care of, among others, ‘Superboy’, ‘The Nobody’ or ‘Sweet Tooth’. Following the New 52 reboot, he has written ‘Justice League Dark,’ ‘Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE,’ ‘Animal Man,’ and ‘Green Arrow,’ among others. He has also written and drawn ‘Trillium’ for Vertigo.

After his exclusive contract with DC ended, Lemire has started working with other publishers such as Valiant, where he deals with ‘The Valiant’ and the relaunch of ‘Bloodshot’, Image, in which he writes ‘Descender’ or Dark Horse, where writes the scripts for ‘Black Hammer’.



‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Quarry of Gods’

Contains: Thanos v2, 7-12

The Mad God as you’ve never seen it: abandoned and powerless.

Thanos will do anything to survive, even if it means accepting help from those he hates.

And when a threat worse than himself arrives, he will have to put himself in the forefront of the fight.

Screenplay: Jeff Lemire

Drawing: German Peralta and Rachelle Rosenberg


‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Quarry of Gods’

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Review of ‘100% Marvel HC Thanos 2 – The Quarry of Gods’

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