Review of season 2 of Undone, premiere on Prime Video

Review of the second season of the groundbreaking animated series Undone, which once again features the talent of Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk. Premiere on Prime Video on April 29, 2022.

If you had the pleasure of letting yourself be carried away by the first season of Undone In 2019 you would be waiting like water in May for the new episodes to reveal the mystery that they launched at us in the last chapter: a manual cliffhanger with which, honestly, they could have concluded the series leaving it completely open to the interpretation of the viewers and! wouldn’t have been a bad idea!

But it has been better to give him an answer to return to this sensational fictional universe hand in hand with the characters that made us fall in love, of course. We rated at that time Undone as the best animation series of the yearand of course we do not fall short.

Its visual aspect is very original thanks to the application of the rotoscoping technique on real imagesbut it also owes much to the quality of the cast: the expressiveness of performers like Rose Salazar and the great Bob Odenkirkwho has just received his star on the Hollywood walk of fame and is giving us a great time with the final season of Better Call Saul.

Prime Video launches today the eight episodes of the second season of Undone that we have drunk from the pull to tell you about it, without spoilers. She is still addictive and maintaining a very high level.


Trailer for the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s Undone

The first season constantly played with the idea that Alma suffered from schizophrenia, inherited from her paternal family or that she had the ability to rewrite the past by projecting herself into it, something that used to get her into trouble.

After reaching an agreement with Jacob, his father, they decided to realign the time threads and we were waiting to find out if their risky experiment paid off or not: everything depended on whether we saw him come out of a cave or not.

And so they left us, waiting. If the strategy worked, Alma would be healthy and she would be a kind of shaman; If not, she would be on the verge of a psychiatric hospital. We are not going to tell you what happens! But yes, the new episodes start right where they left us and there is no trick or cardboard: they get wet to give an explanation and resume the series.

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Repeating the same formula would have been a mistake and dragging out the mystery longer than necessary, too, so that the creators of Undone They have chosen to give the concept a twist and include other members of the family in the adventure whose “powers” in conjunction with those of Alma, will allow them to travel back in time to interact with the past and correct it.

Alma’s visions are now more like flashbacksalthough we also see time loops, projections and, in the last two episodes, a true explosion of resources, among which are some of the twists and turns of the fragmented memories of Geraldine, Jacob’s mother and, so to speak, the origin of many of family problems.

there is even stylistic allusions to Escher’s impossible architectures at a given moment, so fans of hunting this type of reference will enjoy it.

In addition to the groundbreaking visual style, which continues to be polished in even richer and more exciting sequences, two concepts that become leitmotiv throughout the season now acquire special relevance: motherhood and memory.

These will be the two nuclei that will unite the family and that will pose the greatest challenges at the group level. Because now not everything is so focused on the main character, but there is much more presence of others in his story, which becomes more choral and enriched by the experiences of others.

This does not mean that the charismatic character of Alma is not taken advantage of, who continues to contribute her peculiar sense of humor and a brutal contrast with the transcendence of the rest of the events.

He often even serves as a spigot to release tension with his jokes, even if they are somewhat twisted, but he also provides us with moments that are highly sensitive due to the delicate relationship between his relatives and the secrets he tries to keep hidden.

Yes indeed, Undone 2 requires some patience because there is a little more linearity in the narrativeat least in episodes 1 to 5. From the sixth it already hatches and turns out to be as disturbing as it is moving, giving answers to some unknowns and leading us to ask ourselves again if everything will be a daydream or a complex and difficult reality to digest.

We don’t usually say it so clearly, but It is a very beautiful series and we are not only referring to the aesthetic plane, but also to its intrinsic quality. It is satisfying on an emotional level: it takes you where few series do and of course it is a brutal endorsement of adult animation, that somewhat reviled genre that is still looked down on.

We warn you: the last episode is the most exciting: a beautiful finishing touch. Unlike the first batch, now the plot is closed perfectly, with a round ending in which it does not seem that there is room for a continuation.

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Review of season 2 of Undone, premiere on Prime Video

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