Review: Reign of the Supermen — A boring sequel that could have been better

Despite the fact that half of Mexico read in the nineties The Kingdom of the Supermenit is worth making a brief summary of the new animated movie from DC Comics, which adapts that story for new generations.

At the beginning of the tape we see that, since Superman died at the hands of Doomsday in Death of SupermanSix months ago, all of Metropolis is in mourning. The Justice League tries to deal with the chaos and the loss of the most powerful member of the team. The threats are increasing, our planet is a vulnerable place and everyone knows it.

While everything is extremely complicated without the hero of Metropolis, they suddenly appear four new heroes who, each on their own, seek to fill the void left by Kal-El. It is about Superboy, a cocky teenager who has powers very similar to those of Superman; Steel, a man covered in steel armor who fights for truth and justice; Cyborg Superman, a sort of half-man, half-robot man of tomorrow; and Eradicator, a last son of Krypton who comes to Earth to bring order.

At the same time, Lois Lane goes on an investigation to find out more about each of the new Supermen and discovers a host of secrets, she also realizes that the world is in danger and she has to help save it. Of course, these four Supermen will never succeed in replacing the original.

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Engaging story, poor development

So far it seems like an engaging story. And it is, not so the development of the tape. The movie tries to bring together events that we saw in the comics The World without Superman Y The Kingdom of the Supermen, this allows the film to stretch and create a new tape, even with fresh moments, but it stops being interesting halfway through. The origin of the four new alleged Men of Steel is more interesting than the development of the film and, above all, more interesting than the final battle and the bland outcome of the film.

The tape picks up from The Death of Superman the elements that, for better or for worse, make it work. Like the jokes, the Lois Lane drama, the cheesy moments, etc. Nevertheless, these elements end up getting really boring in the new animated film.

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On the other hand, the main characters are not fully developed, perhaps, the story of Superboy is the most interesting, because it is a confused character, in constant conflict with his youth, fame and the impossibility of not knowing his place in the world, but when all the chips are placed on the board for Superboy’s story to explode, the course of the tape changes and put aside. So the movie is no longer about a traumatized teenager, but about, say, Steel, or else Eradicator. What I am trying to say is that I would have liked to see a more agile film, but at the same time that it delved more rigorously into each of the Supermen, and did not leave us with brushstrokes and elements that could be better exploited.

The art of the film is still good. The voices that bring superheroes to life too and, still better than any DC live-action moviethere is no doubt about that, even that the most recent Aquaman. Special attention deserves the voice of Superboy, who is totally different from the character we see in Young Justicethis causes us to empathize a little more with his pitiful story.

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I still think that we are far from seeing a movie, animated or with people acting, that comes close to how incredible it was (in impact and culturally), at the time, The Death of Supermanneverthelessthis DC attempt is better than many others he has hadand it could be one of the company’s best animated films, always thinking about it, as a single product that includes Death of Superman Y King of Supermen.

The good
  • The art is better than the film.
  • We see Superman with the black suit, a bit of a beard and long hair.
  • Lex Luthor is one of the best characters in the film.
  • Superboy’s story.
  • The role of Lois Laine.
The bad
  • It’s a boring movie at times.
  • The story feels long.
  • The history of none of the Supermen is not fully developed.
  • It is a film that does not work by itself.
  • The jokes are the same as in the previous film, they neither increase nor decrease. This causes it to become a no-brainer.
  • The moments in which he detaches himself from the comic to give the narrative a thread are not the best.

The Kingdom of the Supermen It shows us what the world would be like without The Man of Steel, and presents us with the conflict of four more Supermen who try to replace the original. Although some action scenes are good, DC does not risk much further and remains very consistent with the first installment, keeping a very similar formula. King of Supermen it’s still a love story, everything, in one way or another, revolves around Lois and Clark. If you don’t have anything to do during the weekend, you won’t have a terrible time… but don’t forget to go to her supermarket or eat some tacos for her.

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Review: Reign of the Supermen — A boring sequel that could have been better

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