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“I think I’ve managed to get all the bloodstains off your suit, Mr. Richard.”

Apart from other considerations, he rightly analyzes how an adult can think of preparing a child to fight crime.

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Although the art of Dustin Nguyen turned on the alerts “Detective Comics: Heart of Silence”that immense story with Silencio, is now after the great success of his pairing with Jeff Lemire by descend and ascend who returns to the Batman universe as a superstar. If the Image series adorned the shelves of bookstores for their visual style of an illustrated novel for young people, the commercial claim is assured in the first division of world comics. And as in the two previous references, without a doubt, the content goes beyond a beautiful graphic appearance. It is perfect for capturing readers of all ages.

If something characterizes the volume, hard cover and heavy paper is the authentic format in my opinion to enjoy this work and “hold” Nguyen’s watercolors, is its accessibility for everyone. Big and small ones. Very contained in terms of violence (because when it is not necessary, it is not necessary) and very intelligent in speeches and messages. That the elders enjoy a story of growth and personal improvement of a lifetime, but extremely funny with an immense graphic narrative. And for the little ones, a young character, who wants to quickly become a hero without realizing that he is still a child, but with charisma and dramatic depth that will hook you. In addition, self-improvement in the presence of Batman as an authoritarian but cool fatherly reference, gives that fascinating but fearful point of having as a father and teacher at the same time the best detective in the world but also the toughest. In addition, the comparison with the Titans, being together with Speedy, the only member without metahuman powers, makes him the most interesting without a doubt when it comes to enjoying the comparisons with these guys. But the best claim for all those who come are its exquisite grays.

The complete absence of villains cigars, even though the catalog is killer croc the chosen one, the clever way of inserting him into the story by digging into Robin’s most iconic past, gives him a dramatic dimension to the character very useful to motivate their decisionsbeyond a criminal plan to use to test the skills of the kid. Neither black nor white, the sooner we get to gray the better.

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The fact of reimagining the beginnings of Robin could be called a Robin Year 1.5 and since it works as an autonomous entity with continuities except what the reader wants to mold for himself, Lemire has been able to do what he wanted, respecting certain limits. That is, everything that doesn’t sound like a first-time Robin or a Batman who hasn’t been in business for a long time either. In short, without doing crazy things Frank Miller in All Star Batman and Robin. As that is true and the reimagining meets what is expected with the characters intimately, it can perfectly fit outside or not in continuity. To the taste of the consumer.

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What Lemire does not forget and hence his good practice, remembering that he is wonderful at paternal-filial dramas, is that There’s no one who hasn’t wondered what the hell Bruce Wayne was thinking about launching a kid on a crusade against crime.. And not just justifying himself with the teaching, as if the fact that he was preparing him before could serve as an excuse. No. the recklessness remains. That level of self-awareness of irresponsibility remains open and is never denied by Wayne, the powerful thing here is that the one who expresses it clearly as proofreading editor is Alfred.

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Well then those reflections under Lemire’s text enrich the work quite a bit, beyond the usual tics. Nor can he ignore that the boy’s own parents did not leave him in less danger when they accompanied him in his acrobatics. But if we add to these difficult dilemmas the reminder that if he didn’t have trapeze artist parents and a vigilant adoptive father, he would have the life of a normal boy his age, Lemire adds a third leg to the existential drama for Dick when his peers, this is kids, you are invited to play Dungeons and Dragons. But the fourth remains to complete the great creative table of these two great artistic chefs. As he commented before, it turns out that he is not the only one. is that there is one irresponsibility shared by the superhero community, that is, the Titanswho you know. With cheating, because they have powers. But where I am going, in a 125-page story, the number of emotional stages introduced by Lemire will make Dick the hero he is destined to become.

“Robin and Batman” is ideal to recommend to first-timers, and the younger, the better. But veterans should not be left behind, apart from the graphic beauty of Nguyen’s line, the story is a delight that will make more than one hair stand on end.

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Robin & Batman 1-3, DC Comics. Robin and Batman, ECC Editions. Board. 136 pages Color. Retail price: €18.95.

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Review: “Robin and Batman”. Robin Year 1.5

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