Rocha Moya officials have failed the displaced, accuses the MASS

Mazatlan, Sin.- Since February 26, those displaced by the violence Y rooted in Mazatlanthey have not seen the state governor again, Ruben Rocha Moyawhen he was present in the subdivision CVIVE where he promised to attend to their needs.

On that visit, the state president came with his cabinet of secretaries and they made compromises, because they did not want the displaced to demonstrate during the visit that the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for those days on earth Sinaloans.

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The commitment was the purchase of six hectares in the ejido the castleintroduction of public services in 200 properties and subdivision of land.

Miguel Angel Gutierrez Sanchezleader of Sinaloa Social Broad Movementcomments that more than seven months from that moment only the purchase of the land has been made and that the officials of Rock Moya they have failed you.

“Mainly the Public Works, Zavala Cabanillashe promised to install drainage, water and electricity in 200 plots of land in three months, right now it is time that they only carry water and drainage, how many months are there from February to here?” he questioned.

The Housing Commissionchaired by Antonio Castaneda Verduzcohe added, he has not subdivided any land and has not deeded any of the 50 houses that have already been delivered.

“The compañeras who live there have already paid five thousand pesos for more than a year, they cannot contract water, they cannot contract electricity because they do not own the land, there is no cadastral code”he added.

And, on the other hand, he added, the Welfare Secretariat, headed by Maria Ines Perez Corrales, has not carried out a census of displaced families; the lack of this information is stopping other procedures.

care services

Gutierrez Sanchez He mentioned that to this is added the lack of giving you health centers near schoolsin its three basic levels and the lack of transportation public.

“The officials are failing the governor“, he mentioned.


Given the lack of response, the families warn that they will be demonstrating the next Sundays October 16 and 23 with a march that will go from The Valentinos to the Golden Zone.

They also plan to go to Culiacan to plant the day Ruben Rocha Moya Submit your First Report Governmentwho also invited to spend, even half a day in the subdivision, to feel firsthand the precariousness of families.

Why do the displaced demonstrate?

Jose Carlos Gonzalezlegal adviser to MASSmade known to the Mazatlan community that in social networks it points out, judges or disagree by the demonstrations of the displaced, who do resort to this type of action, it is because the displaced were stripped of practically everything.

“All those displaced by the violence had to leave their homes with nothing, and the people of Mazatlan. When they go and ask the municipality for their rights, they say: ‘ah, they want something’; they had their house, their cattle, their birds, their work, their way of living, their dead and they took them awayhe expressed.

“By displacing them, murdering their sons, disappear them their family members and many more things that happened, and what are difficult to talk about, make believe that the displaced want things for themselves as if it were an advantage, when there are guiding principles of education, employment, housing, health and securitynone have it and more than 1,500 families are here”he added.

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Rocha Moya officials have failed the displaced, accuses the MASS

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