“Rocky Balboa” and “Creed”: the complete saga arrives on Netflix

Sylvester Stallone conquered the platform Netflix with the arrival of the complete saga of “Rocky Balboa” Y “believe”, something that fans celebrated on social networks.

Is about the five films of “Rocky”, “Rocky Balboa” and the two “Creed” filmsthe latter where Stallone returns as a boxer, but now to train the young “Adonis”.

the complete saga arrived on the platform this October 23as well as other unmissable premieres such as “Inglourious Basterds” and “Lucy”. Here you can check the list of premieres that will arrive on Netflix in October 2020.

What is the story of “Rocky Balboa” about?

Stallone rose to fame with the role of “Rocky Balboa”, an unknown boxer who will have the opportunity to fight against the world champion “Apollo Creed”. In the sequel, as an attractive continuation, “Balboa” returns to the ring for a reunion with “Apollo”. However, in the third, “Rocky” goes downhill despite having touched the success, so his now friend Apollo Believe” will help you get back in shape.

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During the fourth part, “Balboa” will face a tough Soviet boxer who killed his friend and former rival “Apollo”. Later, in the fifth part, “Rocky” finds glory in training and takes care of a boxing promise, to finally, in the sixth installment, withdraw from ring.

As for the sequels “Creed” and “Creed 2”, Sylvester Stallone is in charge of passing the gloves to “Adonis Creed”, son of the world champion and friend of “Rocky”, who will leave everything in the ring to obtain the title, Nevertheless, The young man must find a balance between family duty and the desire to defeat his father’s murderer.

“Rocky” and “Creed” on Netflix: in which year all the films were released

Stallone’s classic films hit the big screen in the late 1970s and have continued their story until their latest release in 2018.

The films have grossed more than $100 billion (not accounting for inflation). For his part “Creed 2” managed to exceed 214 billion dollars.

Below is the release schedule

  • “Rocky” – 1976
  • “Rocky II” – 1979
  • “Rocky III” – 1982
  • “Rocky IV” – 1985
  • “Rocky V” – 1990
  • “Rocky Balboa” – 2006
  • “Creed: Heart of Champion” – 2015
  • “Creed 2: Defending the Legacy” – 2018

“Rocky” today

After the evident success of the saga and the 35th anniversary since its premiere, Sylvester Stallone, already is preparing a new version of “Rocky IV” with new scenesplot variations, and longer ring battles.

A couple of weeks ago, Stallone shared a video through his social networks that shows one of the unpublished scenes that this new version of the film will have.

Although there are not many details of the film, it is known that the “robot girlfriend” of “Paulie” (Paul Pennino) will be cut, a decision that caused disappointment in the followers of the franchise since it is one of the most remembered from the movie.

No release date yetbut it could coincide with March 7, the date the film was originally released in 1986.

It is common for Netflix to upload this type of complete saga to its catalog for the enjoyment of its users, especially when the weekend arrives. This Thursday, for example, the platform announced that the Matrix trilogy will arrive at its service in November.



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“Rocky Balboa” and “Creed”: the complete saga arrives on Netflix

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