Rocky Balboa and Milei, the same story 50 years later

In the film Rocky (1976), the world heavyweight champion, apollo creedsees his next defense of the crown frustrated because the challenger, McLee Green, a finger of the hand was fractured. So, his team begins to look for another rival among the best positioned. But none can. how are they in “the land of opportunities”, that is, the United States of America, the champion has an idea: give a perfect stranger the opportunity to get into the ring. In addition, the fight will coincide with the 200th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the American colonies. Bingo.

An assistant to Creed, with a long list of fighters in hand, randomly throws names at him. The champion denies over and over again. Until he takes the book and starts running his finger down the list. “East!”he exclaims. Why? Simply because she liked her nickname: the italian stallion.

The Italian stallion was Rocky Balboa, a lousy boxer in his late thirties who lived in the slums of Philadelphia and made a living collecting debts for a mobster. He rented a tiny seedy apartment and was not even considered at the local boxing club.

In the moviebrilliantly commented by the columnist Mauricio Vallejos, the expression “this is the land of opportunity” is used not infrequently. And the entire film is an apology for American culture: one in a million arrives and helped by a stroke of luck.

Neoliberalism created the most unequal world since the 19th century. Today the far-rightists redouble the bet: they propose an almost non-existent State (image credit: El Siglo de Durango)

That almost 50 years later they propose us as a solution to the representativeness crisis that the democratic world suffers from the same recipe of individual exit subject to a stroke of luckis a tremendous insult to our intelligence. But they are doing it. Here, in every Latin American and European country.

“Nobody talks about a stroke of luck, but about effort, work, merits… but without the boot of the oppressive State stepping on our heads”, exclaim the minarchists of the 21st century, whose speech, of so repetitive and lacking in real referencesis too similar to that of Trotskyism; it would be Trotskyism in reverse.

Before going to minarchism -philosophy with which the native far-rightist said he identified Javier Milei– and to the (almost) total absence of world references of the models proposed by the extreme right-wingers, it is convenient to briefly review the draws of their salaries made by the national deputy elected by the people of Buenos Aires, since they are a perfect metaphor of the “Rocky Balboa model”.

Rocky Balboa and Milei the same story 50 years later.webp
The raffles of their salaries made by the national deputy Javier Milei are a perfect metaphor of the “Rocky Balboa model” (image credit: La Capital MDP)

For the first draw, just over a million people signed up. Unfortunately for Milei and the hegemonic media that they cover the antics with a display greater than that of a world final, the winner turned out to be a worker who said he identified with Kirchnerist Peronism. The second “lucky break” was for an “audiovisual producer from Lanús” who, this time, is a “deadly” follower of the ultraliberal (now they chose well). Almost 1,800,000 people signed up for that draw.

One can’t help but imagine Milei running her finger down an endless list of people with limited resources and stopping at a name shouting “this one!”. It is the same logic: one in a million (or two) arrives and thanks to a stroke of luck.

Thus, the former adviser to the Tucuman genocidal Antonio Domingo Bussi and former leader of a list of candidates for deputies in which he was seconded by a defender of the dictatorship –Victoria Villarruelalso elected by the people of Buenos Aires as a national legislator in the last elections-, says to get rid of money that the state stole from the people. Corrupted money, let’s say.

However, we must point out a couple of contradictions (all of them, it would be impossible in a note) in which Milei falls with that demagogic and easy speech (without failing to recognize that we have a State that leaves not much, but a lot to be desired; another topic for another article).

Rocky Balboa and Milei the same story 50 years later
Image credit: Radio Profile

Cavallo and the two biggest state scams against Argentines

First of all, this Milei is the same one who said that Sunday Philip Cavallo He was the best economy minister in Argentine history. He said nothing, however, about Cavallo being the intellectual author of the greatest act of corruption of the Argentine State, the one that took the most money from us throughout history. And it is that the bald minister of Carlos Menem and of Fernando De la Rua He was the ideologue of the “nationalization of private debt” carried out on the end of the civic-military dictatorship.

As an official of the dictatorship -something that matters nothing to Milei-, Cavallo devised the decree by which the national State, that is, all Argentine men and women, took charge of 100% of the debts contracted between 1976 and 1983 by large Argentine companies, including that of the Macri family. We all pay that money, for generations. But Milei praises Cavallo at the gallop of his fierce criticism of a corrupt state.

On the other hand, Milei does not hide her approach to the far-right wing of Together for Change led by Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich (and vice versa). Now the first is one of the businessmen with the most causes of corruption, the vast majority at the expense of the National Stadium, of the last 40 years. and the second was architect of the government Fernando De la Ruathe same as the mega exchange and the Corralito devised by Cavallo, the biggest robbery of the State to the pockets of the Argentine men and women of which there is memory; in addition to the 39 dead that those rulers left in the streets before fleeing totally unsuccessful.

just a couple of “small contradictions” for the man with the most minutes on the country’s TV channels, managed by sectors of the economic power that spent and spend their lives putting in and taking out presidents (Why do the extreme right-wing Milei, Bullrich and Cía have so many hours on TV? Because today they are the ones who best defend the interests of minorities. Easy).

Rocky Balboa and Milei the same story 50 years later
Posters with the faces of the former US president, Donald Trump, the current Brazilian president, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, and Milei (image credit: Profile)

An (almost) non-existent state

When he wanted to explain why they did not form a bloc with the ultraliberal from Buenos Aires Joseph Louis Espert in Congress, Milei said they had some different ideas about the role of the state. She explained that the owner of the famous phrase “to criminals, or cane or bullet” was closer to chicago schoolwhile he was minarchist.

It should be remembered that the Chicago School is the beloved daughter of the economist Milton Friedmanfather of ultraliberalism or neoliberalism that was put into practice for the first time in the Chile of the genocide Augusto Pinochet (1973), and which was later brought to the USA by ronald reagan and Great Britain for Margaret Thatcher. That is why in the social uprisings at the end of 2019, many Chilean men and women carried banners with the slogan “Neoliberalism is born and dies in Chile”.

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Neoliberalism was born as a social experiment in the dictatorial Chile of Augusto Pinochet (1973). Almost 50 years later, the left returned to government in that country (image credit: Our Republic)

Meanwhile, minarchism is a political philosophy that promotes a State reduced to its minimum expressionwhich only deals with security and law courts.

That model only existed, according to the British historian Charles Townshendin 19th-century Britain, where we already know how working men and women lived: crammed into extreme poverty, perhaps waiting for a “lucky break.”

Vox, Fujimori, Milei and the Latin American extreme right in Bogotá

In the first drawing of Milei’s salary, posters, t-shirts, pins, hats and others were sold. Some products had the faces of the former US president stamped on them, donald trumpof the current Brazilian president, Jair Messiah Bolsonaroand Miley.

While Bolsonaro has a 19% popular acceptance with eight months left to end his misrule, Trump failed to win re-election in the US, so his angry supporters took over the Capitol. A luxury.

“A luxury” was the phrase used by the official Twitter account of the Forum Madrid made a few days ago Bogota, Colombiato finish off the epigraph of a photo where it appeared Francis Tudela: if he former vice president of the Peruvian dictator and genocide Alberto Fujimoriwho is currently serving a life sentence.

And it is that the extreme right, hand in hand with the Spanish party voxopenly Francoist and rising in the politics of Spain, it is clustering across Ibero-America. Was Milei at that meeting where the words that were used the most were freedom and democracy? Of course.

“It is worth noting that the Argentine Javier Milei, recently elected deputy and considered the new libertarian ‘star’did not participate because they made him wait when he had to speak and he said that his agenda was too tight ‘for such errors’” (The Madrid Forum and its interpretation of democracy, by Pedro Brieger – Nodal – February 25, 2022).

1652650525 616 Rocky Balboa and Milei the same story 50 years later
«The first panel of our 1st Regional Meeting is first class (…) A luxury». In the photo of this post from the Madrid Forum in Bogotá appears Francisco Tudela, former vice president of the Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori

In the meeting spoke, from Madrid, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal. And they participated, among many others, Ernesto Araujoformer Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolsonaro and denier of climate change and the coronavirus; Carlos Sanchez Berzainformer Minister of the Presidency, Government and Defense of Bolivia during the mandate of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (first former president to go on trial in the US for human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings); Maria Corina Machadothe Venezuelan politician who actively participated in the 2002 coup in Venezuela, and Alvaro Uribeformer president of Colombia opposed to the peace process in that country.

It should be noted that the leader of Vox maintains contacts with the ultra-judicially prosecuted Keiko Fujimoridaughter of former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori, who lost the last elections in his country by just 40,000 votes, and not forgetting Milei’s round-trip praise with Joseph Kastthe candidate pinochetist who lost the Chilean elections to the leftist Gabriel Boric in second round.

“Great first day of the 1st Regional Meeting of the Madrid Forum! Wherever Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law are under threat, we will be united to defend them”, they exclaimed at the meeting of the motley Latin American far-right held in a very luxurious hotel in Bogotá, where they launched a more than anachronistic crusade “against communism”the Sao Paulo Forum (forum of Latin American leftist political parties and groups) and the Puebla Group (its center-left analog, in which President Alberto Fernández, Felipe Solá, Julián Domínguez, Jorge Taiana, etc. participate for Argentina), while marking as the “major catastrophes ahead” a possible triumph in May of the leftist Gustavo Petro in Colombia and Lula da Silva in October in Brazil, both first in all opinion polls.

Milei’s draws, the easy and empty words of José Luis Espert, Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri, should not be taken as a joke. The extreme right is already hereWe said it a long time ago. Then it may be late.

1652650525 226 Rocky Balboa and Milei the same story 50 years later.webp
Santiago Abascal, leader of the Francoist Vox party in Spain, speaks to the leaders gathered between February 18 and 19, 2022 in Bogotá, Colombia, at the first far-right Ibero-American meeting (image credit: Nodal)

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Rocky Balboa and Milei, the same story 50 years later

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