Rocky Balboa conquered Hollywood and is a boxing Hall of Fame

Mauricio Sulaimán, Miguel Alemán Magnani and Miguel Torruco Garza, in the delivery of the belt to Rocky, in a private act. / PHOTO: WBC

After the World Boxing Council presented him with a special champion’s belt WBC a Rockythe boxer from the glorified film series (6), it is once again clear that fantasy can become the most incredible reality.

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Sylvester Stalloneits creator, wears that green and gold belt, with the legend Rockywhich was placed in his hands in a private act, in 2018.

‘cinnamon’ share photo with Rocky Balboa

In June 2011, Rockythe fictitious fighter of Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaentered the Hall of Fame installed in Basket, New YorkWith Mike Tyson Y Julio Cesar Chavez.

Rockywhich was filmed with great difficulty due to its extremely low budget, had its premiere in 1976, with such success that it became the first sports-themed film to win the top award at the Academythe Oscar. It won three, for best film, director and editing.

In 2019, Stallone He was one of the witnesses of forgiveness to Jack Johnsonfirst black heavyweight champion, by donald trumpat a ceremony in the White House.

The legendary boxer praised the acting ability of “Sly” Stallone and at the same time motivated tens of thousands of young people and adults from all over the planet to become boxers, or at least go to a gym.

It is the best-known boxing movie in history. There are several more, magnificent, such as Cinderella Manthe Champion either wild bullamong others, with great actors, but none came close to matching the popularity of this acclaimed film.

sylvester was inspired by Chuck Wepner, the “Bleeding of Bayonne”a day laborer in the ring who came to fight for the world heavyweight title with Muhammad Ali.

Some of the nicknames of the opponents of Rocky they are used among common people and even in boxers. Dragonis one of the most listened to, in boxers.

the character of apollo creed was originally going to be for Ken Nortonwho fractured his jaw there in the first of his three battles, but the ex-marine from San Diego he rejected it, perhaps because of the little money offered. The role fell to Carl Weathersa former American football player.

The impact of the first film led to Mr. Joseph Sulaimanwho was taking his first steps as president of the WBChe would establish a very sympathetic relationship with Stallone.

boxing ambassador

Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivarpresident of World Boxing Counciltold us about the closeness that this organization has with the actor and producer of Hollywood:

“The relationship between Sylvester Stallone and the WBC It has been wonderful through the years.

My father (Don José) met Rocky precisely in one of the great heavyweight world title fights, when Larry Holmes dethroned Ken Norton in it Caesar’s Palace from Las Vegasand from the first moment there was a great chemistry between the two.

“The World Council movie award Rocky on several occasions, but more than that he also recognized Sylvester Stallone as the greatest ambassador boxing has ever had, after Muhammad Ali.

Sylvester Stallone was named man of the year by the WBC on the Kyiv Conventionin 2018.

“We were present at Basketwhen he was inducted into Hall of Fame and we have also actively participated in the latest productions of his films: Balboa, believe Y creed IIwhere the green and gold belt is the protagonist of the films.

“I had a wonderful experience on September 2, 2016, when Telmex Telcel Foundation distinguished me with the opportunity to be the interviewer of ‘sly‘, during the annual event held at the National Auditorium before all the fellows of said foundation. Being on stage alone with Rocky, before 14 thousand people; It was something I will never forget.”

The green belt, for 40 years of the belt

How was the green and gold belt delivered to “Sly” Stallone? It was an event that did not go beyond the media – we told Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar.

“That afternoon, when we introduced Stallone the commemorative belt of the 40 years of RockyIt was very special”, explained the manager. “Miguel Torruco made the link to coordinate an unforgettable meal, with the presence of our friend Miguel Aleman Magnani. It was a great talk that culminated in the delivery of the belt. We also gave him a bracelet in the shape of a championship belt that is only given to the monarchs of our entity”.

Sulaiman Saldivar indicated that “it was precisely at that meal where the definitive plan was finalized to present to the president donald trump the request for forgiveness to the legendary Jack Johnson. It was Stallone who managed to materialize this historic event that had been pending for more than 25 years”.

Presidential pardon for Jack Johnson

the owner of the WBC allowed us to reproduce this writing of yours on the exoneration of Jack Johnson:

May 24 2018 It will go down in the history books as a great day for our sport. It was special, as human equality and inclusion were honored, as the president of the united states of america, donald trumpsigned the presidential pardon to the boxer Jack Johnson on the White House Oval Office in Washington, D.C..

Jack Johnson He was the first African-American boxer to win the heavyweight championship. He suffered discrimination and racial abuse, which caused him to go to jail, but, more importantly, his honor, since his name tarnished future generations.

forgiveness of Jack Johnson it was the desire of thousands, even millions, to correct a wrong in the American judicial system. It was the efforts of thousands of people over decades.

The WBC he proudly led some of the efforts with the support of thousands of boxing signatures and members of the boxing community. The efforts of the Senators of USAadded to the leadership of the best ambassador that boxing has ever had after Muhammad Ali, Sylvester Stallonewere essential so that this request could be presented to the president Trump. The name of the legendary boxing hero, Jack Johnsonhas been cleansed for eternity.

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Rocky Balboa conquered Hollywood and is a boxing Hall of Fame

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