Rocky Balboa devours Sylvester Stallone: ​​his specific weight in boxing

Rocky Balboa is alive. Yes, he lives logically in Sylvester Stallone, his creator and interpreter, but he has a life beyond the actor who will always accompany him. His figure has specific weight in the world of boxing, inspired thousands of athletes globally and crosses entire generations. So much so that was named in March as honorary champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and in the United States they respect him just as he would have won the belt inside the ring.

Since the first film of the saga was released in 1979, Rocky is a popular phenomenon that brought boxing to all corners of the world through cinema. And so he believes Mauricio Sulaimanpresident of the WBC, who spoke with Clarion and explained the reason for the decision to award it the title for the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the original film.

“We consider Stallone as the greatest ambassador in boxing history, only behind Muhammad Ali. His positive influence on the boxing world was invaluable. From Rocky I to Creed, he has given boxing a dimension very different from everything“, sentenced the Mexican.

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Not for simple, the plot column that organizes the first adventure of the “italian stallion” is less effective. It personifies the “American dream”, someone who rises from the bottom, against his economic difficulties and sentimental deficiencies, to defeat a superior rival while finding the love of his life (adrianna penninointerpreted by thalia shire). All this, accompanied by an excellent unforgettable soundtrack by the composer Bill Contiit was the perfect combo that It earned him the Oscar for best film. but above all installed an invaluable popular phenomenon that continues to this day.

“He is a champion. He is a member of the hall of fame because he earned a place among the best in boxing. He has always put boxing high in every way, Rocky is a personality by himselfSulaimán insisted. “Obviously we all saw Rocky one. When I left the cinema I went for a run down the street. He has something unique that motivates you a lot. He inspired millions of people around the world. Without a doubt, we consider him to be the icon, “estimated the manager.

The belt they gave him is a traditional green and gold piece, with the peculiarity that the photos that appear on it are the rivals of their epic confrontations: apollo creed (Carl Weathers), Clubber Lang (Mr T)and Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). In addition, it has the images of Joseph Sulaiman (Father of Mauricio, who led the WBC for 30 years) and Muhammad Ali.

Donald Trump granted Jack Johnson a posthumous pardon, at the request of Sylvester Stallone. In the White House he is accompanied by Lenox Lewis. (Bloombergs)

This respect for the character/actor is not only exclusive to businessmen, but also in the athletes they look at the figure of Rocky (Stallone) as if it were a couple. “Of course the athletes have the utmost respect for him. He is in love with boxing. He owes all his success to Rocky, but he always wanted to be a boxer and did not succeed. He did it through the cinema. He has always had empathy with boxers as himself and they see him as part of the environmentSulaiman explained.

philadelphia emblem, Rocky owns a statue that is one of the most visited points in the city. People often chant Stallone as Rocky every time he attends a function there. Another example of the specific weight of the mythical character occurred at the end of May at the White House.

Stallone attended as a former champion along with lenox lewis and Sulaimán himself to see the president of the United States, donald trump. It was the actor and director who asked the president to posthumously pardon Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion, who had been sentenced to prison in 1913 for having an affair with a white woman. In addition, they had removed the title.

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The saga will soon have its seventh film, Creed II which will be released on November 21. Although not much is known about the plot, an old rival of the protagonist of the note will refloat, the Russian Ivan Drago, whose son would face his protégé.

Stallone cannot, although he may not want to, detach himself from his creation. He is also the author and incarnation of other great cinematographic constructions such as Rambo, Falcon either Cobrabut none gave him the satisfaction and lasted as long as the foughtr. In fact, on his Instagram account (officialslystallone) displays and promotes the Rocky mythology in many of his posts. And yes: they are inseparable.

the rocky saga

The story of the Italian stallion was inspired by a real fighter: chuck wepner. The “bayonne bleeder”, as they called him because of his characteristic, at 37 years old and with a mediocre to bad record (35G, 14P and 2E), he achieved what seemed impossible: he was the second man to bring down Muhammad Ali, although he later fell via KO. Stallone went to see that fight in March 1975 and then Rocky was born. Years later, Wepner reached an agreement with the director to keep quiet and never complain again.

Rockey (1976)

Luck winks at a near-amateur Philadelphia fighter who worked as a thug with guilt and gets a chance to take on the undisputed champion, Apollo Creed. In the middle he falls in love with Adrianna, brother of his alcoholic friend. Paulie (Burt Young).

Rocky I (1979)

The rematch with Creed, angry that his rival had reached the end of the fight on his feet, is marred by Adrianne’s health problems after giving birth to her son. The woman wakes up and the fighter strikes in an epic final match.

Rocky III (1982)

With the honeys of fame and money, Rocky forgets his bases and loses the “hunger” that characterized him. falls against Clubber Lang and, to top it off, he loses his mentor Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith). Apollo trains and molds him to regain the title.

Rocky IV (1985)

In the middle of the Cold War, the film is an icon of that time. The Russian Ivan Drago is shown as a machine without feelings by killing Apollo in the ring, who had underestimated his rival. Rocky seeks revenge in the cold Soviet Union, where a parallel montage between their training shows the “naturalness” of the American in the face of Russian technology and doping.

Rocky V (1990)

Already retired and in financial ruin, Rocky reconnects with boxing from another angle: he trains the young promise Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison). But he prefers to change his representative and, given the popular contempt generated by his figure in Rocky’s shadow, he decides to confront him. Everything is decided in a street fight.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

After several years of retirement, Adrianne died, Rocky has a distant relationship with his son and lives from a restaurant he opened in his hometown. The current heavyweight champion, the young Mason Dixon (Anthony Tarver), is not loved by the public and to gain popularity his agents propose a clash against Balboa. trained by Duke Evers (Tony Burton), Rocky agrees.

Believe (2015)

A casualty is added to the saga: Paulie. Rocky, older and sick, returns to boxing to train his “nephew of his”, adonis creed (Michael B Jordan), unacknowledged son of Apollo, who carries the talent and love of boxing in his genes. He gets a title fight against Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew). The performance earned Stallone a nomination for best supporting actor.

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Rocky Balboa devours Sylvester Stallone: ​​his specific weight in boxing

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