Rocky II (1979)

– There will be no revenge. There will be no revenge.

– I do not need it.

If you remember, these were the words that the boxers exchanged Apollo Creed Y Rocky Balboa at the end of the fight between the two, as we already told you in the review of the first of the films. Seen what has been seen, it is evident that there was revenge and that rocky He ended up needing it, because, despite the fact that he did not clearly tell you the final result of the fight between the two fighters in the first of the 1976 films, possibly all of you have guessed that it was finally Apollo who retained the title of champion on points by decision of the judges. However, what we now want is to leave the first of the films behind and focus on «rocky II«, a 1979 film in which rocky He will have to deal with various work problems that made it difficult for him to support the family, in addition to continuing his relationship with Adrian and the opportunity for a new fight for the heavyweight title. Without further delay, I will begin to narrate what we will find in «rocky II«.

After the epic combat in which they faced rocky Y Apollo, both fighters are in the same hospital and Creed, wounded in his pride, does one of “where I said I say, I say Diego”, because from his wheelchair he starts shouting from the four winds that he will be able to defeat him whenever and wherever he wants and that what Rocky has had enduring the 15 rounds has been luck. With everything, Rocky is gratified after learning that Apollo had put himself to the fullest in their fight and had endured like a champion of heart. although the condition of “champion” was not made effective by the judges.

Rocky and Adrian at the zoo
Adrian, what will you do for the next 40 or 50 years?

The point is that rocky He has become famous and in addition to the bag that he has taken with the combat, it seems that he is going to get some extra money with which a promising career in the world of advertising could result, so rocky carries Adrian to the zoo to ask this what does she have to do for the next 40 or 50 years and if she wouldn’t mind marrying him. Rocky as always so peculiar even to ask for marriage. Evidently Adrian decides that he has nothing better to do and they marry in an extremely intimate wedding.

The issue is that rocky He is very impulsive and it seems that everything he sees strikes his fancy, which is why he begins to spend without control (in this data it is in the little that the one who writes here resembles Mr. Balboa); What if a car, gold watches, clothes, housing, etc., taking refuge in the money he had earned in combat and his future advertising career. However, those of us who “know” rocky We know that although his simplicity and his little speeches can reach the “potato”, the truth is that he speaks very hastily and loquacity is not his forte. In addition to this, he has great deficiencies in terms of reading so let’s say that he did not achieve the “expected success” as an advertising actor.

To all this we must add some good news, namely, Adrian and Rocky are going to be parents. Of course, the problem is that there have been many expenses and the money ends because of what it begins rocky unsuccessfully looking for work. All this makes him consider boxing again but Mickey makes him see that he is not fit to box again because his eye has been badly touched after the fight with Apollo.

On the other hand, an extremely wounded Apollo Creed is seen in his pride. Many are those who say that his fight was rigged, that it was a shame for his followers and there are even those who say that he saved the bell (I am also one of those who believes that). This makes him want to prove himself and people (possibly more himself than people) wrong and he can easily beat the Italian colt. However, given the refusal of rocky After fighting again, a tough campaign begins to tighten Balboa’s screws and get him to box again. At first, it is seen that rocky it hurts even though he tries to hide it, but he refuses to enter the rag but finally both he and Mickey strike a chord and accept the new rematch fight where Apollo will play the title again and again at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, as he says very well rockyjust 10 minutes walk from your house.

Rocky, Adrian and Robert
A new member in the family!

The problem is that rocky the extremely peculiar training begins once again (on this occasion, attention to the chicken exercise) but he does not feel motivated, he is lost, without spirit and does not give a good footing. The reason? Well, because Adrian is worried about her husband, she is afraid that he will be injured for life or go blind in the injured eye and her concern and discouragement is transmitted to rocky. To top it off, due to the effort that Adrian is making by working again in the bird shop to help the fragile family economy, your child is born prematurely and due to the efforts made in his employment, he loses a lot of blood and goes into a coma.

Rocky running
Epic moment Run Rocky!

Behind this, rocky he feels devastated and spends the whole day with his wife in the hospital and the night in the chapel praying and meditating in the company of Mickey who knows that if he continues like this, rocky he is going to crash with the whole team in his fight against Apollobut he knows that his pupil is above all, his friend or even a son and he decides that if rocky crashes, he will too because they are on the same ship and he keeps him company day and night until Adrian finally wakes up, they meet his son and Adrian asks her husband for something in his ear that gives him the motivation he needs to get batteries before the fight. She tells him a simple: «win“, which makes his training begin to pay off, giving us a scene that is arguably one of Rocky’s best and most remembered, namely, Rocky’s race through Philadelphia to the mythical stairs of the Museum followed by half the child population of the city.

The fact is that the moment of combat arrived and once again it turned out to be epic. The public was delivered with the Italian colt and if in the first fight he received a great deal, in this one it rains punches on rocky on all sides, which shows that it is a excellent fitter and that endures everything that is thrown at it. The final result? Once again I will leave you with the intrigue so as not to spoil the ending and you will have to stay tuned to find out what happened in the following Rocky III review. I’ll just tell you that everything will be decided in a second.

Rocky vs. Apollo Rocky II

As for the actors, I won’t go too far to comment on their performance, since they were in the same line as in the first film. I just have to point out that talia shire She no longer plays the girl of so few words that she did in «Rocky II»and the character that we will see in Adrian begins to glimpse a little more. It should also be noted that it is beginning to be seen that the role of Tony Burton (Duke) will have more and more prominence. We will also see a change of image (much thinner) and character (more sober and less bitter) in Paulie, which Burt Young He has been able to capture excellently. Another notable role is that of Carl Weathers that despite continuing to transmit the arrogant and cocky character of Apollo, this time he is seen with more fear, more restrained and without paraphernalia like the ones he did in his first fight, although he does not let this show too much. Without a doubt, Weathers has been able to perfectly convey this change in his character. Obviously the interpretations of Meredith Burgess Y Sylvester Stallone are colossal and fit their characters perfectly with a Mickey who is all character and with a rocky focused on his family and with his absurd but hilarious sense of humor.

Undoubtedly, the saga had only just begun, so I beg you to pay your utmost attention to La Casa de EL so that we can continue enjoying the other installments that we will continue to talk about.

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Rocky II (1979)

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