Rocky’s Top 10 Moments

This selection of Rocky’s best moments show the intensity that made this saga starring Sylvester Stallone great.

There is no doubt that the rocky saga He has left us great moments, excellent scenes and wonderful dialogues and phrases that we want to share with all of you. For this reason, I will put you a personal selection of which I see as the 10 best moments of the rocky saga, although I will not establish an order, because they all seem equally good to me.

These are the best moments of the Rocky movies

Rocky’s Training – Rocky I (1976)

The first of the occasions in which Rocky has to face Apollo CreedIt is memorable, not only because of the battle and that ending in which Rocky, with his eyes practically closed from the blows, overwhelmed by the journalists and even more blinded by the spotlights, calls out to Adrian, while she approaches to hug him .

This film will also be remembered for see Rocky Balboa train for the first time to the rhythm of the legendary Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti, climbing those mythical stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a solvent way and showing his joy with his round of punches in the air, which so many fans and tourists have imitated when climbing those same stairs. Undoubtedly, this first training session should be highlighted as one of the great moments of the Rocky saga.

One of Rocky’s best fights is the second match with Apollo – Rocky II (1979)

There are many great moments that the second film in the Rocky saga gave us, such as the race up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with the entire child population of the city following him, the intimate wedding between Rocky and Adrian, the birth of his son Robert or that ending not suitable for the faint of heart where he faces Apollo for the second time, managing to win the heavyweight champion title for just a second. This time we are going to stay with this extraordinary fight after which Rocky would become the new champion.

Mickey’s Death – Rocky III (1982)

At this point, it starts to cost me more than usual to select a single scene to highlight from each film, so this time and in subsequent films, I’m going to select two. The first of them, is from my point of view, the most emotional of the entire saga.

It’s heartbreaking to hear Rocky’s cry of pain when mickey goldmill dies, his manager, coach and the closest thing to a father he’s ever had. The scene is overwhelming when we see Rocky tell the half truth to a dying Mickey so that he would hear what he wanted to hear and thus die fulfilled, believing that he was able to take “his boy” to the top, after which he dies in peace but leaves Rocky totally lost, aimless and full of fears. Below is the scene in question.

Second match between Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang – Rocky III (1982)

In addition to the great moments that this film will give us, such as the one already mentioned or others such as Rocky’s loss of the championship in his first fight with Clubber Lang, the public presentation of the mythical statue of Rocky, Rocky’s unusual training with Apollo or Adrian’s motivating speech towards a Rocky full of fears, something that I personally classify as high quality, is the match in which Rocky regains the title against Lang.

A combat in which we see a very thin Balboa, with an extraordinary set of legs inherited from Apollo Creed, debuting the legendary Apollo pants and developing an excellent strategy that make this fight so short, it turns out to be epic. It is also extraordinary how he manages to make Clubber extremely upset by touching his mythical crest in the middle of combat or with phrases like: «My mother hits harder«. Let’s see it.

The Death of Apollo – Rocky IV (1985)

The moments that Rocky IV gave us were many and very interesting. The arrival of the Russian entourage in the United States gave much to talk about and many have classified the fight between Rocky and Drago as the best fight in the saga. However, before this fight, there was another one that made our hearts skip a beat when we saw that Rocky lost someone important in his life again.

We refer to combat that faced Apollo and Iván Drago, after which, after the brutal blows received by the Russian, the former heavyweight champion, former rival and now Rocky’s friend died in the same ring, previously making Rocky promise that he would not throw in the towel no matter what and showing that his pride was not going to be lost until he died, which, unfortunately, ended up happening. Let’s remember the combat and its tragic outcome.

One of Rocky’s best workouts – Rocky IV (1985)

In the confines of deep Russia, Rocky trained for what would be the toughest fight of his career in an austere cabin with the most basic training and away from everything and everyone.

The conditions were unfavorable, but Rocky’s will has always been steel and it shows in what would be Rocky’s best workout of the entire saga, making through the scenes, a comparative between his austere methods and the sophisticated facilities where his rival to beat, Drago, trained and, once again, with excellent, highly motivating music as a background. Let’s see the best montage of Rocky’s training.

Remembering Mickey – Rocky V (1990)

Some say that this fifth film is a film to forget, however, I have to say that it also gave us great moments that deserve to be remembered. One of those moments that I personally love is when Rocky begins to remember the lessons of his mentor and managerthe late Mickey Goldmill.

Rocky returns to Philadelphia and upon entering the old gym where he trained, Mighty Mick’s, he remembers an excellent speech in which he gives him the famous cufflink that Rocky Marciano had given to Mick and that Rocky would end up giving to his son, Robert and where Mickey motivates him with the already mythical words: «Get up you son of a bitch*#$! Because Mickey loves you…«. Let’s see it.

Rocky’s lesson to his son – Rocky Balboa (2006)

Rocky fans gave thanks that his saga did not end in the criticized Rocky V, because with this last film that was released in 2006, he was able to put a finishing touch to the legend that Stallone had created with his mythical character, giving us great moments like the two that I have selected, although it has been difficult for me to choose only two.

The first of these will be the great lesson that Rocky gives his son when he is going to recriminate him to go fight against Mason Dixon. It seems that Stallone was waiting until the last of his films to give us what, from my point of view, is the best of all rocky speeches. A wonder that I absolutely had to share with you.

Rocky Balboa Vs Mason Dixon – Rocky Balboa (2006)

Thanks to Rocky’s words to his medical court, a scene which is also highly remarkable, he gets the license that would allow him to box again, this time against the heavyweight champion of that time, Mason “Frontera” Dixon.

This may not be his best fight, but it does seem worth remembering, basically because its enddespite the result given by the judges, lengthens the legend of the great Rocky Balboa who overcomes any problem, be it economic, health or even age.

Without a doubt, Rocky is great and that is why we want to remember him, this time in VO, as he really deserves, chanting his name. Because for all of us, he is still the champion: Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky…!

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Rocky’s Top 10 Moments

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