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Blade It is one of the most interesting, but chaotic proposals in the entire Marvel universe. The movies starring Wesley Snipes They managed to establish themselves at a time when comic book adaptations weren’t as common or appreciated, and while the franchise had its ups and downs, fans really want them. Introducing this character in the UCM was a logical step for Kevin Feige and his team, but reaching that goal has proven to be a very difficult challenge. Now that the project has found a new director and a new screenwriter, the film starring Mahershala Ali takes the course again and with it come the rumors that we could be facing the most violent story in this cinematographic universe.

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Mahershala Ali He has been waiting years for the opportunity to play Blade and the actor is so committed that he remains steadfast in his position despite the ups and downs. To begin with, the interpreter was initially rejected by those puritans who wanted Snipes back, and who little by little found resignation and a great opportunity in the Oscar winner. On the other hand, Marvel’s increasingly tight schedule did not make things easy and finding weeks of production was not an easy task when the director and the writer did not deliver the expected results.

After years of waiting, a release date for the film was finally announced and everything seemed to be heading in the right direction. Things were settling down once more when the character made a voiceover cameo. Eternals – 58% and Ali talked about the film again in his interviews. In these talks, the actor from Green Book: A Friendship Without Borders – 78% revealed the pressure and excitement of playing the vampire hunter, whom he has studied for a long time. Unfortunately, the road fell apart when the director Bassam Tariq abandoned ship.

Before the director’s departure, there were rumors that the script for Blade it was pretty bad, short and without many action scenes that made the protagonist stand out. Although none of this has been confirmed for now, the fact that the project is starting from scratch seems to confirm this. Like other Marvel titles that have not yet taken off, the new adaptation of the character had no choice but to change its release date to 2024.

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A few days ago the news was confirmed that Blade It already had new managers, and their arrival makes many think that the film will be quite different from other company proposals. Yann Demange He is a director who has already been working on television for several years, but who found worldwide praise for his participation in Lovecraft Country – Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla100%. On the other hand, the writer michael starrbury worked on the moving series of This is how they see us Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla95%where Ava DuVernay told the true story of these young men who were unjustly accused of sexually assaulting a woman. With these names involved in the reboot, specialists already believe that we will be facing something very different from the Marvel tradition.

Justin Krollwriter of Deadline (via, launched a report where he assures that although the new Blade will not be as bloodthirsty as blade- Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla88% Y Blade II – 59%yes it will be much more mature than the usual tapes of the company and will seek to achieve a much darker tone. Borys Kitof The Hollywood Reporterthinks something similar, because the arrival of this new writer opens a very interesting path for Marvel:

Details are being kept under wraps, but sources say the new intent is for Blade to have a dark and raw tone, putting it on the edgier side of the Marvel brand and perhaps even finding common ground with the Blade movies that are. fondly remembered and made in the early 2000s by New Line.

Although it is difficult to think of MCU movies with an adult rating, the truth is that for Kevin Feige This option could become a necessity and a good way to convince those fans who take a dim view of the complex popularity of these adaptations. Deadpool 3again with ryan reynolds, will test if the formula is successful, as the company promised to maintain the tone and classification for this installment to do justice to the character. If this goes well, it means that the company could release more movies of this style and Blade it would greatly benefit from being allowed to distance itself and stray quite far from the other, more youthful Marvel titles.

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Rumor: Blade will be the most mature and violent movie of the UCM | tomatoes

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