September 23 Theater Listing: Spider-Man: No Way Home, Don’t Worry Darling, and More

We enter the final stretch of September and the premieresafter a fairly quiet summer, bomb the movie theaters. After making history Spider-Man: No Way Home returns to billboards with an extended version with 11 more minutes and a new post-credits scene. Under the name of ‘The More Fun Stuff Version‘, this extended installment of Jon Watts aims to break the box office again. In addition to Marvel, we will also have Do not worry dearthe controversial film by Olivia Wilde, and Model 77 like entrees.

Those, the dessert is without a doubt crimes of the future. David Cronenberg returns with his imagery of the new flesh to terrify the public with his treatment of the human body in this fiction starring Viggo Mortensen. the worldseekers will be responsible for serving as a novelty within the animation. In this article we will review the main premieres that will arrive in theaters in Spain from September 23.

Model 77

  • duration: 125 min.
  • gender: drama, thriller
  • Director: Alberto Rodriguez

The story takes us to the Modelo prison in 1977. Manuel, an accountant, is imprisoned and is awaiting trial for committing embezzlement. Together with his cellmate, Pino, he joins a group of common prisoners who are organizing to demand an amnesty. A war for freedom begins that will shake the national prison system.

Do not worry dear

  • duration: 122 min.
  • gender: thriller
  • Director: Olivia Wilde

Alice and Jack are lucky enough to live in the idealized community of Victoria, an experimental town where men work for the top-secret Project Victoria. Alice can’t help but wonder exactly what they’re doing in Victoria, and the real reason for it all.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

  • duration: 148 min.
  • gender: action, comedy
  • Director: Jon Watts

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What to say at this point that is not already known about the third part of Spider-Man? The most important piece of the Jon Watts trilogy and the one that paved the way for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

crimes of the future

  • duration: 107 min.
  • gender: Science fiction, horror, fantasy
  • Director: David Cronenberg

When the human species adapts to an artificial environment, the human body undergoes new transformations and mutations. A mysterious group wants to harness the fame of Saul, a performance artist who stages the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde shows, to reveal to the world the next stage of human evolution.


  • duration: 112 min.
  • gender: musical, drama
  • Director: Paco Leon

A contemporary and free version of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’. Dora, a teenager with an innate talent for music, leaves home in the company of her dog Tot de Ella and begins a journey in search of her mother. Along the way, she makes new friends with whom she embarks on a road trip to Capital City, but she also faces dangerous enemies.

the worldseekers

  • duration: 82 min.
  • gender: adventures, animation
  • Director: Samuel Tourneux

Passepartout, a bookish titan, embarks on a wild adventure to travel around the world in 80 days after accepting a bet. He is going to discover how wonderful and crazy the world is.

Labordeta, a man without more

  • duration: 94 min.
  • gender: Documentary film
  • Director: Paula Labordeta and Gaizka Urresti

High school teacher, poet, writer, essayist, communicator, politician, singer-songwriter, he is a man who goes beyond the person to become a legend who embodies the voice of the disadvantaged, of the minorities, of the emptied Spain. Twelve years after his loss, we also meet José Antonio, the ‘grandfather’, father and husband through his wife, his daughters and his granddaughters.

my imaginary country

  • duration: 83 min.
  • gender: Documentary film
  • Director: Patricio Guzman

In 2019, protests exploded in the streets of Santiago de Chile. The population demanded more democracy, social equality around education, health and job opportunities.

The Silent Scream: The Case of Roe v. Wade

  • duration: 112 min.
  • gender: Drama
  • Director: Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb

Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson are the protagonists of one of the most famous cases in history: that of women’s right to abortion, known as “Roe v. Wade”, which had to be decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. Joined.

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September 23 Theater Listing: Spider-Man: No Way Home, Don’t Worry Darling, and More

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