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During the dialogue, the SEREMI was informed of various environmental problems that have afflicted the community for years.

An extensive visit to the commune of Diego de Almagro was carried out by the SEREMI of the Environment, Natalia Penroz Acuña, to hold meetings with the Mayor and the Honorable Municipal Council, and later with neighbors of the Commune.

One of the first meetings was with the Mayor, Mario Araya, and the Honorable Municipal Council, where the councilors expressed a series of concerns associated with environmental issues such as the construction of the sanitary landfill, improving air quality, water resources, and responsible ownership. of pets, among other topics.

In this area, the SEREMI of the Environment, Natalia Penroz Acuña thanked the invitation to the meeting, and stated that “Many of the socio-environmental conflicts that we see in Atacama are mainly linked to investment projects, and this is due to the lack of dialogue and real participation. That is why it is a very powerful signal that the first project that President Boric sent to Congress was the bill to adhere to the Escazú Agreement, because it will guarantee the rights of access to information, access to participation and access to justice in environmental issues. The application of these three rights should result in the reduction of socio-environmental conflict”.

Later, the SEREMI Penroz held an Environmental Conversation organized by the councilor of the commune, Mauricio Rivera, together with neighbors, as well as representatives of the Collas indigenous communities, where they presented the environmental problems that have afflicted the commune for many years, such as the installation of mining projects, poor air quality, the construction of photovoltaic plants, dubious quality of drinking water and evidence from population health studies that indicate high levels of arsenic in the blood and the concern among the Colla indigenous communities for the population of short-tailed chinchillas that lives in the mountainous area of ​​the commune.

On the occasion, Justo Gerónimo from the Colla Community explained that “The indigenous community is very concerned about the relocation of the Short-Tailed Chinchilla that is being carried out from the species due to the exploitation of mining deposits, adding that “we understand that the Ministry of the Environment has a plan called RECOGE and that it allows the protection of this species and improves the coordination of the different State agencies for the conservation of biodiversity, which in this case is the short-tailed chinchilla”.

Finally, the SEREMI for the Environment Natalia Penroz Acuña expressed her satisfaction with her visit to the commune, thanking the neighbors for their participation, and the interest shown by the community of Diego de Almagro, noting that “hehe environmental problems of the commune, which were reported by the participants in the activity, are many and have dragged on for many years. Now we must generate actions and negotiations with various public and private actors to move forward in seeking solutions to the environmental concerns expressed by the community”concluded the environmental authority of the Atacama Region.

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SEREMI of the Environment meets with authorities and inhabitants of Diego de Almagro | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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