Shadow Man Remastered, a hero emerges from the shadows

Nostalgia is dangerous and it is that many times, our bad memory makes us remember video game more beautiful than they really were, or more fun than we think they are, not to mention that today practically all publishers abuse nostalgia (some more than others) by re-releasing the same game over and over again.

Although this, in particular, is not the case of an abusive publisher, it is a re-release because this version first came to the PC last year. Now, Shadow Man Remasteredoriginally released by Acclaim for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Sega Dreamcast, comes to Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Giving their place to minorities

Shadow Man is an action-adventure video game that was developed by the late Acclaim Studios and published by Acclaim Entertainment. It is based on the comics of the same name published by Valiant Comics and at the time, it was considered as a title that gave space to minorities as the African-American protagonist.

In fact, the story of the game is very interesting. It all begins in 1888 with Jack the Ripper, this famous serial killer who, according to the comic/game, laments the fact that his murders/rituals have not unlocked a mystical power that he believes exists, and in order to achieve his goal , prepares to perform the ritual on himself at the cost of his own life, but just as he was about to stick the knife in himself, a man named Legion (a demon) appears and tells Jack that the power he seeks exists, and offers himself to share it with him if he builds an asylum for murderers in Deadside, the land of the dead.

In the present, Michael LeRoi (protagonist of the game) becomes the current Shadow Man, something like a vigilante who comes from an ancient lineage of voodoo warriors who protect the world of the living from the threats that cross over from the side of the dead. dead.

Your mission, and Michael’s, is to stop this threat to the living, exploring both the realm of the dead and the living in search of 5 serial killers whose power you need to stop the end of the world.

This was a hit in 1999

Shadow Man was released at a time when there were a lot of technical limitations, 3D games were just beginning to reach the masses, and you didn’t have the deep knowledge of level design that we have today, and I say this because just as the game presents good ideas, it also presents omissions that in our days would be unforgivable.

The game style is action with a bit of exploration, at the time this was the best, since the atmosphere of this game is dark and apart from some exceptions such as Doom, there were hardly any titles like this. Precisely this element of exploration is what makes the game fun the first time you play it because you have to memorize each level well, which in turn can also be a bit frustrating because there is no map to guide you or indicate you where you have to go, of course, you can search the internet and that will help you a lot, but if you want to play as we did in those days, prepare to suffer.

Now when we talk about action, don’t imagine anything like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. There are different weapons and you will have to shoot different types of enemies, but again, remember the technical limitations of the time, it is not like you will be surrounded by hordes of enemies although, yes, the bosses are quite creative and in his moment were impressive.

1665655151 996 Shadow Man Remastered a hero emerges from the shadows

New life to an old dead

Being a remaster, the studio behind it, which is Night Dive Studios, really did an excellent job reviving this old franchise and added the following elements to the original game:

  • 3 new levels: Summer Camp, Florida (Day and Night), Junkyard, Mojave Desert” (Day and Night), and Asylum Station 2 – Experiment Rooms” (Day and Night).
  • New audio (from original game composer Tim Haywood):
  • Music and SFX remastered
  • New music and SFX for restored levels
  • Restored and unused voice dialogs in levels.

Art Updates:

  • Switch between the original textures and the new high resolution textures
  • HD textures for all levels and objects
  • Nvidia textures for the intro scenes
  • HUD and inventory icons in high definition, plus a new icon for the shadow gun.
  • Restored unused animations
  • Various cut and censored models of the original levels have been restored.
  • N64 Gad Icons

Gameplay Improvements:

  • New weapon wheel for faster weapon selection by slowing down time
  • Enhanced controls
  • Improving destructible objects using bullet physics
  • auto aim
  • Adjusted/improved AI
  • Reordered levels as originally intended
  • Lots of fixes throughout the game for each level, from object fixes to geometry fixes
  • Localization fixes for English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • 30+ achievements

New weapons:

  • A second Violator (in line with the N64 version)
  • Sawed-off Shotgun (replaces the second normal shotgun)
  • New model and many sound variations for the shadow gun

New enemies:

  • yort
  • Yort float
  • The Seraph Queen
  • Seraph
  • dead worm
  • Restored unused zombie in Season 2
  • One Armed Zombie Holding

Rendering improvements:

  • Support for 4k resolution with a refresh rate of 240hz
  • Dynamic lighting per pixel
  • Mapping pooled shadows forward
  • Order-independent transparency

New post-processing effects:

  • Ambient occlusion
  • anti-aliasing
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Motion blur
  • film grain
  • depth of field


  • All N64/Dreamcast/PC secrets included in this remaster.
  • In general, the game looks good although, it would have been better if they worked on details such as the hands of the characters to put fingers on them, instead of the original design, but hey, in the end that is not something that affects the gaming experience.


1660714089 562 Marvels Spider Man Remastered on PC New York with maximum ray
1660714089 23 Marvels Spider Man Remastered on PC New York with maximum ray

Marvels Spider Man Remastered on PC New York with maximum ray


1660714089 231 Marvels Spider Man Remastered on PC New York with maximum ray

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Shadow Man Remastered, a hero emerges from the shadows

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