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As part of a special presentation for the CinemaCon 2022Warner Bros has unveiled a series of clips from the next DCEU movie, according to ScreenRant. This montage included several scenes from the sequel to Shazam! – 88%, like a dinner in Paris, which would star Shazam and Wonder Woman. In it, the Amazon abruptly ends the date because Billy says, “I can’t commit.” After getting up and leaving, the princess turns to see Shazam again, but instead she finds the wizard Merlin.

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Where did the rumors come from that Gal Gadot would be present in Shazam! Fury of the Gods? You have to go back to December 2021, where the internet slowly started to spread this information through leaks, but it wasn’t until March 2022 that Rachel Zegler was asked about working with Gal on the Snow White movie to which He replied, “I’m not going to say much, but [filmar Blancanieves] It wasn’t our first meeting.” From here, fans began to theorize about whether they had already recorded scenes on the set of Shazam 2it is worth mentioning that at the moment, the role of Rachel Zegler in said sequel has not been revealed.

In addition to this anticipated family adventure Shazam!, It has been rumored that it will not be the only participation of the Amazon warrior, as another of the possible leaks speaks that it will be with Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck in The Flash tape. Her involvement has been described as saving Batman at a crucial moment at the beginning of the film at around 10-15 minutes.

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Furthermore, unofficial photos taken on the set of batgirl reveal that the HBO Max exclusive will include at least one reference to the last installment of the Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman 1984 Ant Man and the Wasp Quantumania New Details of Bill76%. In them, you can see a truck with the Stagg Enterprises logo, a direct reference to one of the antagonists of WW84, Simon Stagg, played by the British actor Oliver Cotton. It’s currently unclear if the appearance of the logo is a simple nod or a sign that Stagg or Wonder Woman will appear in Batgirl, but it will be interesting to find out how this company relates to the DC Cinematic Universe. It should be noted that neither Cotton nor Gadot are officially attached to the production at this stage.

While this may raise expectations, fans of Diana Prince and her adventures will still have to wait a bit for the arrival of Wonder Woman 3. Recently, Gadot provided an update on the progress of the third part, assuring fans that production continues to move forward and that hard work is being done to finish a script that will satisfy everyone. Despite the fact that there is no specific date so far, the actress keeps the hype of this sequel alive with the following words: “all the wheels are turning and turning and I am super, super excited for the fans to come and see Wonder Woman 3 once it’s done.”

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Shazam! Fury of The Gods: Footage confirms Wonder Woman’s cameo | tomatoes

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