She Hulk 1 × 8: what hides the surprising rejection of Daredevil?

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    episode 8 of she-hulk, to croak now for allin which Daredevil is finally officially introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after seeing Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), whoops, whoops, in Spider-Man: No Way HomeIt’s the most Marvel Disney has done on film and TV so far without having to stay true to the comics. So I don’t understand the criticism that the version of the character has received from many viewers. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in Chapter 8 of she-hulk it is faithful, first, to the spirit of the character (it is impossible for it to be the same as the comic character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), it is faithful (it does not destroy) the Daredevil of the Netflix series, it is fun, it fights as it should and Above does not take away from Jennifer Walters. If the bile-spitting viewers didn’t know the character, I don’t understand the criticism (how can they not like this sly character?); if they only knew the character from the Netflix series, now on Disney Plus, I don’t understand the criticism (seriously, what do you miss?); and if you’ve read the comics, then I really don’t understand a thing anymore (if viewers are expecting me to do the acrobatic babblers we love so much about the comics without CGI involved, and the same goes for She Hulk , so they don’t know what all this is about). Daredevil is my favorite character since I was ten years old and I’ve been reading his adventures all my life and I give this version made by Marvel Studios an A+, even though it’s different… it isn’t. It is a success to have taken the ironic character (remember: sarcastic) of the character (we are talking about a serious guy), to have taken him out with the yellow suit and to have presented him in a funny plot (I saw the Jumping Frog with Iron Man, but , of course, since we have run out of Iron Man…). But above all I do not understand that before starting they are already criticizing him. There is only one justification for the rejection, which, deep down, has absolutely nothing to do with the character and can only be understood with the toxic comments the series is receiving. The way that the relationship between Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Matt Murdock has been adapted to television is Marvel in its purest form: the scene at the trial, the conversation in the bar, the fight, the way they join forces, the balance of egos and protagonists in the episode, even that they have passed the canon through the lining and put them both in bed (if you think that in the MCU Natasha Romanoff is dead, everything fits), it is Marvel, Marvel , Marvel.

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    “Thanks for ripping Daredevil apart”? Really? Is anyone capable of throwing that comment after seeing She Hulk? What kind of criticism is that? Or, rather: how can we give credence to a criticism like that? You have to take a critical look at the comments on the series. You see that comment on Rotten Tomatoes, you haven’t seen the episode and as you have the weak character it can influence you. However, what if I told you that comment was made by a user before watching the episode? A comment that, moreover, is accompanied by a single star (out of a possible five)… On iMDb it is the Marvel series worst rated by viewers: it has a 4.6 from 113,000 opinions. 41,455 of the users, 36% of those who have commented, have given it a single star. Is it a sexist attack? Of those 41,455, 12,800 users have identified themselves as men, which is not to say that there aren’t more men. Those who identify themselves as women are only 592. And the other 28,063? The logical thing is to think that they also identify as men in private. This is not a series that goes precisely against the rest of gender identities. Since the series directly attacks a toxic masculinity, it is reasonable to think that there is a relationship between sex and criticism. In the case of Ms Marvel, it was pointed out that the low rating was also linked to a sexist attack on the series, however, in the end, entering the iMDb statistics, more than 55% of the male audience gave it more than a 7 to the series, so the macho attack was ruled out and could be attributed to bad drool or ignorance of the character or difficulty in changing a group of viewers. But what about She Hulk?

    What exactly have viewers rejected in this episode? The fact that he was overshadowed in his introduction by She Hulk in his own series? That success cannot be converted into criticism. The fact that the episode explores Jennifer’s anger at being bullied and brought down on her? We are talking about a series that is approaching, from a superhero fiction series, in a comedy format, an intelligent feminine vision of what it means to be a woman and a hero in a world that strongly resembles the real one. Is that what they criticize? Is Daredevil then a collateral victim of this macho hatred of the series?

    The Daredevil that appears in the series, the relationship that they present us, tuned, in She Hulk drinks from the version of the two characters of Charles Soule in She Hulk, although it is not exactly what he wants to tell us either. However, the fact that there is a strong bond of friendship between them is inherent in both characters. The genius of the episode and the series has been to integrate him. Somehow it was inevitable to introduce Matt Murdock in this series and that the complicity of the two characters did not lead them to bed. And there is no problem.

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She Hulk 1 × 8: what hides the surprising rejection of Daredevil?

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