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Welcome to the analysis of the seventh episode of She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulkentitled “Retirement”a chapter in which we see an old acquaintance again and in which our protagonist has to learn to overcome a disappointment in love.

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After the wedding of her childhood friend, Jen has started a relationship with Josh that goes from strength to strength until they sleep for the first time. Then the man disappears and our protagonist remains totally disconcerted, without stopping looking at the mobile waiting for a message.

Josh and Jen when everything seemed to be going smoothly

That’s when he gets a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer. The inhibitor device fails and he fears that he has turned back into The Abomination, so he has to go investigate it at the ranch where he has established his spiritual retreat. And of course, the man is a little scared and asks Jen to come with him.

As soon as she gets out of the car, Jen gets her first surprise. A fight between a quirky guy and a half-man, half-bull individual ends with the latter crashing into his Toyota Prius and destroying it.

At least the problem with Blonsky’s inhibitor is quickly cleared up as it was simply due to Emil getting too close to a electrified fence. So the probation officer storms off, leaving Jen stranded on the ranch. They call a tow truck, but it will take several hours to arrive, so he has no choice but to stay there and on top of that without Wi-Fi or data.: As much as I look at my cell phone waiting for a message from Josh, it’s not going to arrive.

1664870306 241 She Hulk Analysis Lawyer Hulka Episode 7 Retirement The things
Reviewing Emil Blonsky’s Inhibitor

Blonsky shows her around the ranch, but notices that Jen is only keeping an eye on her cell phone. According to her, he wants to take advantage of the time to work until the crane arrives. He spends his time looking for a place where there is coverage and ends up in a cabin where Blonsky has a group therapy with several patients who are all secondary (or tertiary) characters in the Marvel Universe.

We have the Man-Bull that we already knew and the guy he was fighting with, The Eagle, a Spaniard with identity problems who does not want to be identified with a bullfighter just because he is Spanish. Best of all, he seems to have a codependent relationship with the Man-Bull, so the fun is served.

Also in the group Porcupine and Buckwheat, a supposed vampire. later joins the wrecker, the head of the Wrecking Squad who attacked She-Hulk in chapter three. Jen transforms and attacks him, although the man tells her that he has already left his days as a villain behind and now he just wants to do therapy to be a better man.

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Jen in therapy

Although Jen doesn’t want to hear about therapy at first, she ends up getting into the game and brings out all her feelings about Josh and, more importantly, about herself and how difficult it is to be able to accept herself as Jen if everyone loves She-Hulk more. With the help of this motley crew, Jen gets past Josh’s Ghosting and learns to accept herself a little more.

And in the last scene we see what really happened to Josh, although surely everyone had guessed it. He was an Intelligence man who writes to his boss, King Hulk, to confirm that he has obtained a sample of Hulka’s blood.

Chapter Rating

Usually, “The Retreat” continues to take flight a bit after the previous funny episode. First of all, let’s get to know a little more about this week’s “guest characters”.

1664870307 562 She Hulk Analysis Lawyer Hulka Episode 7 Retirement The things
The entire therapy group

The Bull Man is a classic enemy of Daredevil and Spiderman Of which there is little to tell since its name says it all. Then we have El Águila, a Spanish mutant with the ability to launch a bioelectric blast through some metallic conductor like his sword.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this chapter is the relationship between these two characters, since the Spaniard’s weariness for being identified as a bullfighter is accentuated much more by his relationship of codependency with Hombre Toro. They seem inseparable and in their dialogues we have the best jokes. Although in the comics The Eagle is a mutant, in the representation that we have seen in She-Hulk there is no mention of such a fact. so we don’t know if it will be in the UCM or not.

We also have The Porcupine (a classic Ant-Man villain) and Saracen (a vampire who appeared in the first issue of ‘Blade’) two characters taken from deep within the Marvel editorial background and that serve to give us a laugh at their expense.

Once again, the humor works again, but it is again due to the appearance of characters that serve as comic support for the plot. If last week we had mr immortal, now we have the participants of Emil Blonsky’s therapy group. Yes, they are very funny and their dialogues, quite comical, make the episode work very well, but they are still an easy resource in which the series is beginning to fall too many times.

1664870307 663 She Hulk Analysis Lawyer Hulka Episode 7 Retirement The things
The Bull Man and The Eagle

I also don’t like how heavy the writers are getting on the subject of Jen’s acceptance of her new situation. It is something that is present in all the chapters and it seems to me that it is already beginning to tire. I understand that it will be the emotional arc of this season, and in the end, She-Hulk will be that uninhibited and fun character that we all know from the comics, but the road is getting a little long for me.

There are only two episodes left and although slowly, the plot advances while at least the last two weeks we have been able to laugh a little. We will have to see what happens with the Intelligence and who is that mysterious King Hulk. And let’s not forget that we still have to see Daredevil, although I’m afraid it will be little more than a cameo.

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She-Hulk Analysis: Lawyer Hulka. Episode 7. Retirement – The things that make us happy

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