She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka: Recap chapter 7

We analyze this new episode of She-Hulk: She-Hulk Lawyer and try to find out where the remaining chapters will go

The new trial session opens She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk. The guard judge presides over Fernando el Catodico. The defense attorney has the floor and we remind the jury that, from now on, the statements they will have all kinds of necessary spoilers until chapter 7.

Your Honor, members of the jury, in this new chapter of my client’s series, She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka, we meet again with an episode with humor, emotion and sentimental content. In addition to continuing the love plot of the previous episode and the criminal plot that we have been dragging almost from the beginning, we are introduced to a handful of characters known to Marvel comic readers but, as usual, behind a veil of originality. .

Again I bring to the stand the main theme of this serieswhich is what the jury must consider at trial: Jennifer Walters’ personal conflict, now heightened by her alter ego She-Hulk.

In this chapter Jennifer finds herself with the help of Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) and other clients of his spiritual and personal retreat “clinic”. Although Jennifer’s arrival at the Blonsky ranch is quite casual (or so it seems), the truth is that she is very good for my client because it comes from her second love disappointment, which aggravates her lack of confidence.

Let’s forget this sentimental pothole for now to focus on Blonsky, his ranch and his peculiar group of patients. In order not to extend myself, I present as evidence No. 1 this article where it is explained in detail who each of them is: the Eagle, the Man-Bull, the Porcupine, the Saracen and the one already known to all of us, the Demolisher.

she hulk

She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka and the mystery of the King Hulk

But what I want to emphasize is that this series, apparently dull and uninteresting, leads us leaving clues to the true criminal plot from the beginning. And I explain. We have already seen that “the Hulk King” is behind Hulka’s blood, but it is something that we were already warned about in the first chapter, when my client’s cousin, Bruce Banner, emphasized the importance of blood and what dangerous it would be for them to access it.

We can see, behind the facade of a simple and fun sitcom, that everything was planned so that my client, Jennifer Walters, lowered her guard. Hence, most likely, that Mr. Blonsky’s inhibitor failed “by chance”, that his car had an “accident” that prevented him from leaving the ranch, that the only place with Wi-Fi was, precisely, the meeting with a group of third-rate supervillains subtly coax her into “beating” her without needing to fight her, something they obviously avoid because they know they’d lose. As my client says at one point in the chapter: they would never tell me to my face because I would crush them.

Objection, Your Honor! Lawyer is rambling without evidence of what he is telling.

It is accepted. Carry on properly, counselor.

She-Hulk Lawyer She-Hulk

My apologies, Your Honor. What my prosecutor colleague will agree with is that this group of supervillains manipulate her (We’ll see if with good or bad intentions) and this is even more cruel when she is the one who opens her heart

Not to mention that they cunningly incite her to delete Josh’s contact, and his messageswith which the traces of his act also disappear.

That’s all, Your Honor.

Your turn, prosecutor.

Your Honor, members of the jury. It is touching to see how my colleague, the defense attorney, tries to make us see this series as what it is not. He puts before us a mystery that, even being how he tells, no longer something anodyne.

That someone is planning something against Miss Walter? It is evident. But if they have even stated it directly several times! But that doesn’t make the plot more interestingas much as the defense insists on looking for a “Mephisto” (if you understand me).

she hulk

The truth is that the series is coming to an end and, despite how charming the protagonist is and some good and funny moments that the series has given us, it is still a simple, insipid, banal story that could have been told in half the chapters. In fact, it’s significant that one of the biggest draws to She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk is when Daredevil is going to come out. Regrettable.

I have finished my argument, Your Honor.

So let’s take a break again. we will meet here in a week. The session is over.

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She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka: Recap chapter 7

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