Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) 4×16: The great ‘cliffhanger’

The moment that we feared so much and at the same time we expected so much has been consummated today: “shingeki no kyojin“has issued the last of its Final Season in chapter 4×16… or so they wanted us to believe. A few hours before the episode was broadcast as such, however, we have been able to find out that this coming winter we will have the anime conclusion part 2.

This, logically, has resulted in the chapter 4×16 of “Shingeki no Kyojin” took some certainly interesting steps forward, although ultimately it has culminated with a tremendous cliffhanger. Next we review the two big questions that are still pending after 20 minutes that should last us many months.

Shingeki no Kyojin 4X16: Questions to answer

How will Marley’s counterattack take place?

the end of chapter 4×16 of “Shingeki no Kyojin” leaves no room for doubt: With the broadcast of the 4×17 chapter we will have a scenario full of action, possibly worthy of what we saw weeks ago with the initial assault of Paradis on Marley. On this occasion, however, it has been those of Marley who have infiltrated the way Eren did at the time… although logically that has not been all.

Two titans on land and one by air; A priori this seems to be Marley’s main strategy to finish off Eren and the rest of the Paradis forces, and the truth is that the Jaegeristas are a priori in a position of clear disadvantage. This is, again, because Eren finds himself the only titan on his own sidebecause you can not depend on the transformation of a colossal titan of Armin that would devastate everything around him.

Reiner is prepared to return to Eren the ‘play’ that happened in Marley

In the same way, we must not forget that at this point Eren has more power than ever before, and it is that we have not yet seen him use the capabilities of the War Hammer, which, as we saw, are lethal both offensively and defensively. Although at a numerical disadvantage, it should not be assumed that Eren does not have enough power on his own to stand up to Marley’s combo.

Another determining aspect in the confrontation will be to see if Marley has brought with him some kind of anti-titan weaponry, which as we know is very effective, and if Paradis has progressed enough to have something on his own. What should be taken for granted to some extent is that Yelena will eventually free those imprisoned. Mikasa, Armin and otherswho can be key when facing the numerical superiority of Marley’s titans.

In any case, what stays with us the most is the fact that we will now have to wait quite a few months until we get a first look at how what is coming to us will continue as a fast-paced combat. This, in turn, partially links us to the following question; what about Levi and Zeke?

Is Levi alive? What about the consumed Zeke?

Quite a few kilometers from the current main stage of “Shingeki no Kyojin”, we come across the remains of the duel between Zeke and Levi. Despite the fact that the strongest man in the world managed to put an end to everything Zeke threw at his face, it was the passion of the latter that ended up determining the final result of the ‘showdown’, which comes with just the right measure of doubts from the.

The main question to answer at this point clearly refers to the Levi’s state, who was shocked by the explosion of the spear in the same way as Zeke but who, on the contrary, lacks the regenerative abilities of the possessor of the titan. Likewise, it should not be forgotten that in terms of Zeke can be seen how this he has lost half his bodynecessitating the incubation of a Titan in order to achieve a life-or-death regeneration.

If we assess these aspects it seems obvious that the logical answer would be that Levi is dead in the explosion set off by Zeke. However, if there is a golden rule in practically every entertainment show, it is the following: if you haven’t seen it it really hasn’t happened.

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Although in a deplorable condition, Zeke finally manages to escape from Levi.

Is it possible that Levi is really badly hurt? With total security; Has he died and gone completely out of shot? At least unlikely. A character of Levi’s entity cannot deal with a death that does not even put him before the viewer as such, so it would be assumed that he crouched somewhere in the vicinity of the explosion.

Again, we can speculate with all the logic we want, but the reality inevitably remains that until winter we will not know how Levi is reallySome will consider this more cruel than anything the Eldians have been subjected to since Marley.-.


How long will this wait last? yes we know that Part 2 of the Final Season of “Shingeki no Kyojin” will arrive during ‘winter’but this time frame can be so vague that it will fluctuate the release date in up to three months. This implies, then, that the doubts presented could remain standing until well into 2022, although with some luck the premiere will not go beyond December, as we saw with part 1.

Hopefully, it will be in the summer that we will have another small advance about what awaits us at the conclusion of “Shingeki no Kyojin”, since it seems unlikely that we will have more information about it this spring

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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) 4×16: The great ‘cliffhanger’

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