‘Shingeki no Kyojin’: The emotional episode with the anime’s false ending offers a surprising cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more

This weekend, what seemed to be the end of ‘Attack on Titan’ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin‘), but ultimately we’ll have to wait until 2023 to see the resolution of the story. Even so, this episode has been one of the most memorable of the season and has left us with a very well placed foundation for everything that is to come.

Although there are no direct spoilers for this last chapter, we are going to talk about what has been happening during this stretch of the season… So watch out if you haven’t caught up on the anime yet!

Real end of the good?

Eren jaeger He has gone from being the hero of the story to the main villain, with his former teammates and his adoptive family ending up joining forces with Marley’s warriors to try to stop him. One of the high points of the season has been the awakening of the Colossal Titans in the wallswhich Eren controls with the Founding Titan to destroy the rest of the world, with a lot of anticipation leading up to this moment and the last few chapters dealing with the aftermath.

When did this start Part 2 of the final season of ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ back in January, it seemed that the resolution of the anime was practically over. Although the new batch of chapters began full of action and going to sack with plot resolutions, the last episodes have been somewhat more leisurely, focusing more on the relationships of the characters and how everything that is happening has been affecting them.

‘Dawn of Humanity’ has been this “final” chapter of the anime for now. As it has been seen, especially if you have already read Hajime Isayama’s manga at the time, there are still several key chapters of the manga to be adapted that by no means was going to be able to be contained in a single episode of just over twenty minutes.

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Instead of going to the bag for more action and battles, this episode 87 has been calmer and has left us with very well laid foundations for what is yet to come in history. With a very well-conducted flashback, ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ has taken us back to the first great journey of the Survey Corps beyond their island, when plans began for the attack on Liberio that took place in the first part of the season .

It’s a very relaxed episode. with several moments that make you smile and remind you why the characters are so loved of this series. After all the intense chapters that we have had, it is a perfect episode to be able to breathe again, and it has also served to fill in some plot holes that had been left hanging.

The bad thing, and again without making you fat spoilers, is that leaves us just with honey on the lips. In addition to this calmer intermission, we get a new look at the Rumble coming down on Marley and the power of Eren’s Attack Titan, who is certainly going to be a very difficult foe to stop.

Attack On Titan 1

So if you expected that the story could be closed with this episode, the disappointment is going to be good and fat because it leaves us right at the best of the final fireworks.

Yes indeed, It has left us very shocking scenes with the Colossal Titans in which the animation and expressiveness of the characters has been maintained at such a good level as we are used to MAP. They have known how to cut at opportune moments, using stills with good judgment without movement or with very subtle animation to be able to give more power to the animation where it belongs and leave us amazing closing image.

And now that?

The manga by hajime isayama It ended with chapter 139, and then a small 8-page epilogue was released to finish off the story.

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When the end of the manga was reached, many fans shouted to the sky and there was controversy for a while with certain decisions and turns of the story. So with the end of the anime still pending, a part of the fandom decided to pour all their hopes that the anime would have an original ending and different from the one we read in the manga.

Although many of the theories that could be read in the last year were very well developed and it would have been interesting to see how MAPPA created a new ending, the reality is that for now the anime has remained very faithful at all times to the manga. And, with less than ten chapters of manga to adapt, it is very difficult to think that the story is going to deviate from what is already marked in the original material.

Part 2 of the anime has left us with Mikasa, Armin, and the rest of what remains of their Scouting Corps class traveling to Marley along with Reiner and the group of Marleyans. If the anime series follows Isayama’s story to the letter (who, let’s remember, is also involved in the production of the series), For now, what lies ahead is a section with a lot of action to try to frustrate Eren’s plans.

attack on titan 2

Even so, the number of chapters that Part 3 of this last season will have has not yet been confirmed, so the anime still surprises us. what yes that it is possible that the epilogue of the manga is better expandeddedicating part of an episode or even an entire episode to it so that we can better see the consequences of the Crash.

If we still want to cling to straws with the possibility of an original ending, it should not be completely ruled out that the epilogue would give us some differences with the manga, at least to make things more closed and better show what the future holds for each of the main characters… Although unfortunately, we will still have to wait until 2023 to see if any of these predictions come true.

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So while this Part 3 rolls around and if you were still waiting to catch up, it’s a perfect time to marathon ‘Shingeki no Kyojin‘ with the chapters that have been broadcast weekly.

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‘Shingeki no Kyojin’: The emotional episode with the anime’s false ending offers a surprising cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more

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