Sony’s new Spider-Man spin-off film now has a director

Desert Director Jonás Cuarón will direct the next Sony film Spiderman derivative Movie, the dead, with Bad Bunny. Despite the financial and commercial struggle that Morbius Face, Sony’s Spider-Man universe continues to reimagine more villains from Peter Parker’s rogues gallery as anti-heroes. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, who kicked off Sony’s Marvel-themed universe, will complete his trilogy with the one currently in development. poison 3. The workshop also has kraven the hunter Y lady web to come, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Dakota Johnson as the respective main characters.

While Sony started out using some of Spider-Man’s most famous villains for its franchise, the studio surprised the world by announcing at CinemaCon that a solo El Muerto movie was in the works, starring rapper Bad Bunny. After being impressed with his performance in High-speed trainSony wasted no time finding another project for Bad Bunny, leading to the dead get the green light. Although he only appeared in two issues of Spider-Man Friendly NeighborhoodSony is determined to have the character title his own movie, which will hit theaters in January 2024.

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After having announced the dead At CinemaCon a few months ago, the project found its creative team. the hollywood reporter Reveals Cuarón Will Direct Marvel Movie, Having Directed Previously Desert, year nailY Z. Commerce also confirmed that Blue beetle screenwriter Gareth Dunnet Alcocer joins to write the the dead script. The film is still in its early stages, which means the dead will not begin principal photography any time soon.

How The Dead Fits Into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

While it’s not uncommon for studios to develop comic book movies about smaller characters, it’s not yet clear what the deadThe place of is in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. Contrary to lady web Y kraven the hunterboth have major ties to the web-slinger, it’s hard to say if the dead it just takes place in the same universe but has no long term goals to intersect with the rest of the franchise. With Venom, Morbius, Kraven, and Madame Web, it’s easier to imagine that these characters will eventually come together in some way. the deadon the other hand, it can possibly be unique, without the intention of making a series of movies out of it or that the character of Bad Bunny meets other characters in this universe.

Although El Muerto’s comic book history is small, there’s always a chance that the creative team will not only re-imagine the character, but add something new to it that warrants the character getting a Spiderman derivative movie. Although the answer to the dead has been mixed since its initial announcement, it’s hard to judge the product before you’ve taken a single frame of it. hopefully once the dead As filming begins, it will become clearer what Sony Pictures is doing with this character as they continue to expand their Spider-Man-themed universe.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Sony’s new Spider-Man spin-off film now has a director

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