Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland and the writers cut off criticism

Spider-Man has signed his return for the third time with “Spider-Man Homecoming”, the new saga of the superhero and the first located within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a result of the co-production agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

This film, directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Keaton among other actors, was released in the United States on July 7 and three weeks later, on July 28, it hit the screens of our country.

According to Europa Press, in this time it has already managed to raise more than 630 million dollars. But the film has also received negative comments and among them stand out criticism of actress Kirsten Dunst, who gave life to Mary Jane Watson in the successful saga of “Spider-Man” by Sam Raimi, and those that have generated the absence of an important supporting character: Uncle Ben.

Tom Holland and the writers of “Spider-Man Homecoming” have respectively responded to these criticisms.

Tom Holland responds to Kirsten Dunst

A few days ago, Kirsten Dunst was very critical of the making of this new Spider-Man film saga, declaring that the only intention was to “make money”.

“We made the best so who cares? I’m like, ‘They can do whatever they want. They’re just milking that cow for money. It’s very obvious. Do you know what I mean?” commented the actress.

Tom Holland has been asked about these words in a recent interview with “Movie’n’co UK” and has given his point of view respecting the opinion of the actress.

“She’s entitled to her own opinion, and I’m not the one to judge. I’m definitely not making this movie for money. I mean, I think it’s a job anyone would do regardless of what they pay you, right?”

“All I know is that I had one of the best moments of my life on this movie and I love it. If she doesn’t want to go see her I don’t really care. I haven’t taken a liking to her in any way because of what she’s said and she’s entitled to give her opinion so it’s all good,” the 21-year-old actor said.

The writers explain the absence of Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben has a very influential role in Spider-Man as his death causes Peter Parker to re-emerge as a superhero. But unlike the previous movies, this character doesn’t appear in “Spider-Man Homecoming.”

Two of the film’s screenwriters, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, have explained to Entertainment Weekly that, although it does not appear, Uncle Ben does exist in his plot and that “Aunt May’s story in ‘Homecoming’ is all the suffering she has gone through because of the recent passing of her husband.”

In addition, the writers also revealed why they discarded a scene in which Aunt May referred to him and dropped the possibility that in the future sequels he will establish a new relationship with another man.

“We talked about having a scene where May was talking about him directly. It was when (Peter) was getting ready for the dance and she was giving him Uncle Ben’s clothes. It was a nice moment, but we also knew that it was moving away from the story arc. If you’re going to talk about someone’s death, you don’t want it to be in passing.”

“We loved the idea of ​​Aunt May being cool. In an early draft we even had a date for her and part of her relationship with Peter was this inappropriate candor. It didn’t make the cut, but it could be that in the sequel she had a boyfriend. She doesn’t have to be a mourning widow”they assured.

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Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland and the writers cut off criticism

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