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As its title indicates, Spiderman returns home to Marvel Studios in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming (Jon Watts, 2017), after reaching an agreement with Sony. The maneuver, propitiated by the debacle that The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Power of Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2Marc Webb, 2014) and the Sony hacking scandal allegedly carried out by North Korea, has made the dream of many fans come true: to see Spiderman integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When it comes to introducing new characters, the two big superhero publishers followed two paths: they directly introduced a new collection or they featured the character in a collection to get readers’ attention. Marvel studios have followed a strategy similar to the second option with “their” Spiderman, who was introduced in the fantastic Captain America: Civil War (Captain America: Civil WarAnthony Russo, Joe Russo, 2016), thus creating greater expectation and interest for the premiere of the solo spider hero movie.

Thus, Spider-Man: Homecoming It starts with a reminder of this entry into the Marvel universe but told from the point of view of young Peter Parker, played this time by Tom Holland. To continue then introducing us to the world of Peter Parker, in which the threat of the Vulture, an excellent Michael Keaton, is guessed in parallel. The film corrects the mistakes made since the disappointing Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi, 2007) and there is no overpopulation of villains: the Vulture is simply joined by the Shocker, a second-rate villain in the comics played here by Bokeem Woodbine, with whom both are introduced and evolve at the same time, but the Vulture is clearly the main threat. In this way, the film has room for the characters that represent the world of Peter Parker to have enough screen time to be developed correctly. If anything distinguished Marvel comics from DC’s, it’s that Marvel anchored its universe in “the real world” and emphasized the daily, personal lives of its heroes. This was especially highlighted in the series starring Spiderman, in which what happens to Peter Parker in his day-to-day life is as important as his adventures as an intrepid wall-crawler.

This “soap opera” aspect means that the action has major repercussions and is more impactful on the hero, even if he is not trying to save the world from destruction. The stakes may not be globally or cosmically high, but they are emotionally high.

Zendaya and Tom Holland

Many already know that this is not an origin story. When Spiderman was introduced in Civil War, it was already with his acquired powers. Also missing is the moment when Uncle Ben is shot by a thief that Peter Parker could have stopped if he hadn’t acted like a fuming teenager. After two films telling the origin of the hero, I imagine that the studio thought it was not necessary to do it again (various current animation series have brought the character closer to the little ones who may not have seen these films). In addition, certain details of how the new Aunt May acts, a wonderful Marisa Tomei, hint that in future installments Uncle Ben’s death will be dealt with in detail. But leaving this aside, the film has an “origin” structure, although not in the traditional sense. Because we see how Spiderman becomes a hero through the experiences he goes through in the movie. Therefore, we do see how Peter Parker becomes Spiderman, although we do not see how he gets bitten by a radioactive spider.

The integration of Spiderman in the Marvel universe also explains the presence of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, serving as Peter Parker’s godfather/guardian. The relationship that is established between the two is a reflection of the relationship that both characters had in the wall-crawler collection before the Civil War of the comics. Another important nod to the comics is the homage to a famous moment in Spiderman’s life that took place in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 33 (from the American edition).


The previous paragraph surely makes evident my undisguised interest in superhero comics and Spiderman in particular, of which I have been a reader since I was little. That means that usually the film adaptations of these characters don’t have many surprises in store for me, since they start from material that I’m familiar with. However, the filmmakers Spider-Man: Homecoming They managed to surprise me on occasion and catch me off guard, so I appreciate the film even more.

As a fan of Spiderman, I hadn’t left the cinema for too long saying: “yes, this is the character I love and have always followed”. But this film did so without trying to reinvent the genre, simply offering fun, entertainment, good characters played by good actors, and fast-paced action. All this in a script with a solid structure and a clear narrative.

When you go to see a movie like this, you don’t do it with the doubt of whether James Bond, Indiana Jones or, in this case, Spiderman will be able to defeat the villain. It is clear that we all enter knowing how it will end, because in this type of film the important thing is not the destination, but the journey. If it offers an experience that catches and immerses you in the world it has created. Spider-Man: Homecoming he does it masterfully.

Premiere in Spanish theaters on July 28

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Peter Parker begins to experience his newfound identity as the superhero Spider-Man. After his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his aunt (Marisa Tomei). Under the watchful eye of his mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Peter tries to maintain a normal life like any young man his age, but his daily routine is interrupted by the new villain Vulture (Michael Keaton) and, with him, the most important part of Peter’s life will begin to be threatened.

Directed by: jon watts



Tom Holland

Robert Downey Jr.

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