Spider-Man no Way Home is close to reaching the screen with an extended version


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Spider-man: No way home.
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The Spider-Man: No Way Home tapereturn to the billboard of HBO MAXafter a year of its premiere, with an extended montage that includes 13 minutes of scenes and additional images that promise a “funnier version” of the film. The movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe started the phase 4, reuniting the 3 Peter Parkers of the tapes on the big screen: Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Toby Maguire.

When is Spider Man Extended Version released?

the tape opens this december on HBO Max.

What are the new scenes of Spider Man extended version?

Next we reveal 3 scenes from the new extended version of Spider Man: No way home coming to HBO Max.

It should be noted that there are more scenes that you can see in the new edition of the film.

Agent Cleary asks Peter about the events of Spider Man: Homecoming

Its first extended scene shows Damage Control agent Cleary asking Peter Parker about events that occurred on a ferry and at the Washington Monument, which happened in the first installment of the trilogy: Spider-Man: Homecoming. At this point, our Peter tries to explain what happened and that he had no intention of causing harm or putting anyone in danger.

Tom Holland’s brother appears: Harry

During the filming of Spiderman: No way home, the protagonist’s brother participated but finally, the production team decided to remove the scenes. However, his appearance in the new extended montage, he brings back Harry Holland’s cameo as a street crook who is stopped by Spider-Man. When a passerby maliciously suggests that Spider-Man and the crook might be in cahoots, Tom claims he doesn’t know his brother at all.

Peter Parker’s first day of school after revealing his identity as Spider-Man

There are various situations about Peter’s going back to school with everyone knowing that he is the superhero. Following the information that tabloid host J. Jonah Jameson announces making sure everyone knows the youngster is starting a new term that day.

Plus, there’s new footage featuring Spidey being harassed in gym class by his classmates and teacher to climb the wall, and Flash Thompson signing books while MJ and Peter escape and head to the school roof.

Betty Brant’s interviews for high school television are one of the longest sequences in the montage. Betty interviews several teachers, the Flash (who claims to have given Spider-Man his name) and his ex-boyfriend Ned, whom she questions for texting late at night. Finally, Betty strikes up an exclusive conversation with Peter Parker himself, asking him what he would say to the radioactive spider that bit him if he had a chance to talk to her. hearing that question, Peter replies that he would appreciate it for giving him those powers.

A premiere that you cannot miss! If you don’t know how to subscribe to HBO Max, click here.

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Spider-Man no Way Home is close to reaching the screen with an extended version

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