Spider-Man’s 10 Biggest Humiliations In Marvel Comics

Due to his versatility, relatability, and strong moral compass, Spider-Man is considered one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. The “wall-crawler” has thwarted intergalactic threats, traveled through space, and accomplished some of the greatest feats in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man’s zenith has been explored many times; however, his faults are less discussed.

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Though Spider-Man is considered the pinnacle of crime-fighting prowess in Marvel’s pantheon of characters, he suffered some of the most gut-wrenching defeats and humiliations, both as Peter Parker and his ego. Yet despite years of great scandal and ignominy, he remains determined to make the “Big Apple” a better and safer place.

10/10 Tombstone imprisons Spider-Man to teach him a lesson

Spider-Man has been humiliated by a highly unlikely villain. Within The amazing Spider Man #3 by Zeb Wells, John Romita Jr., Scott Hana, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Tombstone captures Spider-Man after a gang war begins.

The New York crime lord enacts his plan for revenge after the “Wall Crawler” inadvertently causes a rift between Tombstone and The Rose. Spider-Man is chained up before being beaten for no reason in one of the city’s abandoned subway stations. It was a humiliating defeat both physically and mentally for Spider-Man, who should have known how to prevent a gang war.

9/10 Dark Villain Reveals Spider-Man’s ‘Birthday Suit’

The ‘Wall Crawler’ battles a dark villain with a very strange ability in the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2 Edition #1 by Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, and Chris Eliopoulos.

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In the issue, the 15-year-old Spider-Man battles Skein: a villain who can manipulate any tissue on Earth. The results of the encounter leave Spidey in his birthday suit as a group of reporters bombard him with more questions than he cares to explain. Spider-Man’s embarrassment was broadcast and tweeted throughout the New York metropolitan area, and even caught the attention of his Avengers teammates.

8/10 Spider-Man is literally crucified in Uncanny X-Men

Historically and scientifically speaking, crucifixion is one of the most painful and humiliating deaths imaginable. This was explored in an ambitious crossover event in the pages of strange x-men #191 by Chris Claremont, Dan Green, John Romita Jr., Glynis Wein, and Tom Orzechowski.

In the issue, Spider-Man is in the middle of a fight between the X-Men, the Avengers, and the New Mutants as a medieval wizard named Kulan Gath fights to turn back time in modern-day New York City, returning it to darkness. . age. Gath subjected Spider-Man to senseless torture before crucifying him. However, Spidey managed to free himself from the wooden beam, though he collapsed and died shortly after.

7/10 Peter Parker was ‘kept’ from the Daily Bugle

Spider-Man has saved the world and his beloved city countless times, but his alter ego has always had trouble catching a break. In the amazing spider man #623 by Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, Michael Lark and Paul Azaceta, Spider-Man loses his job as a photojournalist after J. Jonah Jameson fires him from the Daily Bugle.

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Spider-Man often worked as a high school science teacher to supplement his income as a photojournalist. however, in this case, he fights like never before to keep a roof over his head. The humiliation of losing a job is a sting many have felt, and Spider-Man is no exception.

6/10 Green Goblin Ruins Spider-Man’s Public Image

The Green Goblin launches a surprise attack on the ‘Wall Crawler’ in the pages of the amazing spider man #17 by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Sam Rosen. In the issue, Goblin seeks revenge on Spider-Man after he thwarted an earlier Hulk attack that Goblin manipulated.

Spidey met up with the Human Torch and others at a Spider-Man fan club meeting, where the Green Goblin openly attacked them. During the battle, Spider-Man is forced to retreat after hearing how Aunt May suffered a heart attack related to the attack. Public perception of Spidey fades as those gathered believe he ran away from the fight.

5/10 The Punisher used Spider-Man as a human shield

The Punisher and Spider-Man are polar opposites when it comes to how they handle their individual wars on crime. However, in The Punisher #2 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, the two crime fighters team up to take down a drug trafficking ring.

Throughout the issue, The Punisher makes it clear that he has no respect for the way Spider-Man deals with criminals; he sees his gait as a weakness. As a result, Spider-Man spends a lot of time demonstrating how he can hang out with the violent vigilante. The most humiliating aspect of the team-up is when Spidey is knocked unconscious by The Russian and The Punisher uses his body as a human shield while he figures out how to dispatch the thug.

4/10 Aunt May accidentally walks into Peter and Mary-Jane *Ahem

After Peter and Mary Jane got married, the couple suffered financial setbacks that forced them to live with Aunt May. Within spider man web #50 by Gerry Conway, Keith Williams and Alex Saviuk, the newlyweds move into the Queen’s home with Mary Jane’s cousin Kristy.

During a snowstorm, May walks into Peter and MJ’s room unexpectedly to deliver hot chocolate, interrupting an act of intimacy. The shock of being seen by her aunt was humiliating not only for Peter but for all parties involved.

3/10 Peter gives Mary Jane the disease in the controversial ‘Reign’

Spider-Man: Reign Kaare Andrews and Jose Villarubbia’s #3 is one of the most humiliating and painful moments in Peter Parker’s history. The issue opens with a distraught Spider-Man who hasn’t donned his trademark red and blue tights in over 30 years.

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In the issue, it is revealed that Mary Jane met her untimely death due to radiation at the cellular level. As a result of Spider-Man’s radioactive transformation, his blood and body fluids became contaminated with radioactive isotopes. Peter unknowingly passed it on to Mary Jane during their intimate encounters. The tragic death of the love of his life plunged him into the dark depths of despair, ending his long career as Spider-Man.

2/10 Kraven steals Spider-Man’s identity

Written by JM DeMatties and Mike Zeck, Kraven’s Last Hunt it’s a layered and nuanced story that culminates in a crippling humiliation for the web-slinger. In the issue, Kraven targets Spider-Man as the ultimate prey for his latest hunt.

Kraven wants to eliminate Spider-Man so he can fulfill his role. The hunter is successful, but only by cracking his own code against using ranged weapons. He buries Spider-Man, believing him dead, and goes on a violent campaign against the city’s criminals wearing Spidey’s clothing. Spider-Man finally frees himself from the 6-foot grave of him, but discovers how irreversible Kraven’s damage now is.

1/10 Spider-Man is mutilated by Morlun

One of Spider-Man’s most brutal beatings resulted in an outcome almost worse than death. Morlun descends from an ancient race of beings known as The Inheritors, who are an alien species that feed on the life force of humans and animals.

Morlun planned to draw out Spider-Man’s life force, but was shocked by the slinger’s ability to defend himself. Despite a good fight, Morlun is able to steal Spidey’s residual energy after gouging out his eye and eating it in front of him. Spider-Man watches in utter disgust, making for one of the most humiliating aspects of the encounter.

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Spider-Man’s 10 Biggest Humiliations In Marvel Comics

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