Spring 2022: ultraviolet radiation will reach an extreme level throughout the country, says Senamhi

During the spring, ultraviolet radiation levels between moderate and extremely high will be recorded throughout the country, reported Orlando Ccora, a specialist with the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi).

He warned that the Andean region will reach the highest values ​​due to altitude effects, estimating that the monthly UV Index averages will fluctuate between 8 and 11, with maximum values ​​between 10 and 15.


The representative of Senamhi detailed that in North Coast during this season the monthly averages of the UV index would range between 8 and 10, considered very highwhile in the central coast values ​​will still be low because there is cloud cover due to the effect of La Niña phenomenon, and average levels for the month are expected to be between 5 and 8; while in the south coast levels ultraviolet radiation will be within the range of 7 and 10.

But if we talk about maximum values ​​of ultraviolet radiation in all the Coast they will arrive between 7 and 12. All the Coast will be affected by La Niña phenomenon. In the case of the central coast it is much more because there are systems that do not allow the cold conditions to disappear and they will continue to appear until the third week or so of October, then gradually the characteristics of a season of spring”, explained Ccora in dialogue with the Andean Agency.


Regarding the northern mountains, the spokesman for the Senamhimentioned that the levels will be between 8 and 9considered very high, and in the center saw Come in 9 and 11 as average valuesranked between very high and extremely high.

While in the south highlands the values ​​if they will be a little highersince there are still clear sky conditions, and since there are not many clouds, they let the UV rays. “So, the average index for the month will fluctuate between 11 and 12 approximately, but if we talk about maximum values, levels between 10 and 15 are expected.″, he pointed out.

In the central and southern highlands UV values ​​rise more due to the effect of the Andes Mountains. Above 2,000 meters there are many Peruvians who live throughout the Andean region, so if we go higher, the ultraviolet radiation also increases, as in the case of regions Arequipa, Cusco and Puno, that exceed 2, 500, 2,800, 3,000, 3,500 meters above sea level”, he explained.

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The expert Orlando Ccora del Senamhi added that in the north jungle the index of the ultraviolet radiation is estimated at 7 to 8 on monthly average, while in the central jungle and south jungle the values averages will be 10. “Meanwhile, heThe maximum values ​​will oscillate between 8, 12 or 13 approximately, which are extremely high according to the scale used worldwide.

About the UV radiation index in Peru

Ccora del Senamhi insisted that the values ​​of ultraviolet radiation recorded in Peru are one of the highest worldwideif we compare with countries in the northern hemisphere, or with the Bolivian highlands where indices similar to ours are also recorded.

We are ahead of other countries due to the effect of the altitude and the proximity to the line of Ecuador; The closer we get to the equator, the radiation levels increase, as well as as we get closer to the summer season, for purely astronomical reasons.”, he stated.

Given this situation, the Senamhi spokesman considered that the national, local, regional authorities and the media should recommend that the population adopt the photoprotection measuressuch as spending more time in the shade, wearing wide-brimmed hats, which in the Andean region is already part of the student uniform, wearing long-sleeved polo shirts, among others.

There are many people such as traffic policemen, itinerants, who spend many hours outdoors and in the sun. They are vulnerable to UV rays and so are children because their skin is very delicate. Overexposure can cause sunburn and even skin cancer.”, he warned.

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Spring 2022: ultraviolet radiation will reach an extreme level throughout the country, says Senamhi

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