‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Vol. 2, review: the biggest ‘cliffhanger’ in history

The end of stranger things I had considerable pressure to complete a brilliant story. With a harder, adult and dark plot, the first episodes surprised. But the closing of the delivery is an extraordinary finishing touch and a solid point of narrations that converge with each other with elegance. The series reached maturity, an emotional and approach. Also the strength to be something more than a phenomenon. It is now part of a precise and deep universe that creates a sophisticated condition about its possible future.

Chapter eight, “Dad,” begins at the very moment that finished the seventh. But the narrative caveat is much more powerful than one might imagine. The Duffers and Shawn Levy manage to create the seamless feeling that the narrative never stopped and slowly and judiciously incorporate new facts and information.

The quality of stranger things to be a choral narrative has always been one of its strongest points. But this time, that strength is much more evident in the story’s ability to be carefully extended and completed.

Of course, the big bet is to be able to unite the versions of all the narrative threads at a single point. Something that all deliveries achieved with some difficulty. But for the fourth, the ambition increases and the story becomes a neat narrative fractal. As Joyce, Hopper and Murray make a chilling discovery in the Russian prison they are still in, Eleven regains her powers. At the same time Mike and Will finally hold the obvious conversation that was about to happen between them. And while all of the above is happening, the threat of Vecna ​​materializes as a thoughtful vision of an apocalyptic future.

One so haunting, sinister and related to the darkest point of stranger thingswhich becomes your gateway to unexpected horrors in stranger things. Henry/Vecna/001 is much more than a character. It is a consistent center in which terror manifests itself as a network of dark interconnections. Ready to attack and with Hawkins as his target, the seasonal villain readies his weapons. Reality unfolds, the line between worlds becomes weaker and the greatest risk is yet to come.

All the horrors are on the other side of the door in the second part of the fourth season of Stranger Things

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STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderon, Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield and Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in STRANGER THINGS. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

With Vecna’s intentions clear — or at least much more specific — Hawkins’ gang decides to confront him. Max is the driving force behind the curious way in which stranger things tells of evil “If I leave Kate Bush, she can hear me, I’m scarred,” explains the character. And beyond a way of explaining how Vecna’s power manifests, it’s also a look at what sustains her influence. Fear hangs over everyone, a catastrophic threat they have never faced. And they will cope with it with the simplest and most determined resources. The conviction of understanding that under the horror that Vecna ​​embodies there is also a common thread with the past.

Of course, it is Eleven, with her sublimated powers, the essential element of the first chapter. Able to hear what is planned in Hawkins, the decision is inevitable and as soon as he makes it from her, Dr. Brenner will have to face it or give in. At the end of the first episode she doesn’t do either of those things, but curiously a kind of resigned look at the definitive. Eleven is no longer a child, nor is she a child in her charge.. It is a power, as splendid as it is unpredictable, that is willing to defeat its worst enemy.

Stranger Things, final season.

For its part, the Hawkins gang is organized to defeat the impossible. He does it through a plan of shocking simplicity. stranger things it goes back to its roots about will and innocence, mixed against darkness. One of the most consistent points of the second part of the fourth season of stranger things, be your connection to your vital center. To all the conception of this world that is based on characters willing to all from naivety. And to the darkness that awaits them, like a storm about to break.

From Russia to the time that stops before the horror

Finally Mike, Jonathan, Will and Argyle manage to reach Nevada and that is when Eleven shows the real power that she harbors. One that stands between an abyss of possibilities more unsettling and definitive than could be conceived. But especially, a complicated journey towards decisions that overwhelm and crush him. Determined to face Henry/Vecna/001, Eleven no longer owns her fate. She is part of a larger plan that mobilizes the journey. That holds the conception of something more elaborate and in the end, a closed door that opens to darkness.

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Brenner, in the end, confronts Eleven. It is the definitive end of a long journey of pain, manipulation and a twisted relationship that ends inevitably. Eleven, far removed from the confused child she once was, is now pure power. A creature created in the shadow of Brenner’s ambitions but outside of his control. And even as Sullivan makes one last brutal attempt to kill Eleven, it’s Brenner who understands the level of danger. What is coming and especially, the path that will lead to the destruction of everything that tries to stop it.

In the end, Eleven shows all that she is capable of and will do. A type of control over his power hitherto unknown, amazing and without perceptible limit. But still, the final showdown is yet to happen and for the second chapter of it, stranger things it focuses all its power on that perception of the end. Or at least of a conclusive stage that reaches its highest point. With Brenner’s death, Eleven loses her innocence. The darkness is yet to come.

Against Vecna, darkness and fear

stranger things It was always the story of Eleven and her journey to freedom. And the second chapter of the final part of season four shows how far that journey can take. But stranger things It has also been a look at love, friendship and complicity. And she finally faces theto dilemma to show the pain of loss in a whole new way. It is no coincidence that chapter seven ends with the big question: who will die in Hawkins? A chilling look at the end of a long journey stranger things into the shadows and an unknown kind of adult suffering.

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Hawkins’ gang confronts Vecna ​​on their own turf. But the big problem is that the entire Upside Down is a territory of terrors sculpted to the greater advantage of the villain. So much so that the field of horrors becomes overcrowded, becomes more complex and even, with the arrival of Eleven, hard to beat. Vecna ​​manages to catch Eleven and it is perhaps the confrontation between the two the highest point of stranger things. The way the script confronts them without leaving aside the rest of the characters is amazing.

With Max as a victim, events rush and the confrontation will be a line of conditions to be fulfilled. Mike, Will, Argyle, Jonathan and Eleven face the unknown in the distance. Nancy, Steve and Robin tour the Upside Down and finally, heto series offers explanations about its origin and ending. He does it through Nancy, a witness and sent to provoke Eleven. But also in the mysterious capsule in which the entire program becomes.

For your toughest journey, stranger things uses a circular narrative that works with the precision of a clock. Vecna ​​manages to catch Max, but Eleven is there to confront him. In turn, Hopper and Joyce fight the horror miles apart but toward the same goal. And when Dustin and Eddie, the great unpredictable hero, wield music like a weapon, stranger things reaches a new dimension of emotion. One so deep, beautiful and powerful that it turns the show into an experience, rather than just a look at a beloved story.

darkness is everything stranger things

Hopper also offers his life for the greater good. In fact, the great central point of this season finale of stranger things it is a symbolic farewell to all ties and little wrongs. And Hopper, racked with guilt, devoured by terror, now fights for love. The same could be said of the Hawkins gang and Eleven. All united to overcome fear, in the form of Vecna ​​and her horror built from the pains and nightmares of an entire people.

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Of course, Vecna’s trap is to take advantage of a world to suit her. But Eleven understands the meaning of that influence and manages to defeat him on his own ground. Vecna ​​and Eleven’s power is matched, sustained, contained, confronted. At the end, it will be Eleven that will win in a collection of self-knowledge— curiously, the sense of the subtext of the series — and willpower.

Because the realm of the mind is the space where Eleven is most powerful, and for the final showdown to take place in space, it celebrates the origin of stranger things. It takes it to another level, it turns it into a precision mechanism that unites all the seasons, the stories, the terrors and pains of its characters. Perhaps, for this reason, the real origin of the Mind Flayer is a more than obvious link with Vecna. A connotation that opens in the middle of time as the series conceives it. The way he links his narrative twists to a larger, more complicated idea of ​​what his end point might be.

The grand finale of the fourth season of Stranger Things is epic in many ways, in many ways, and in many ways. But the great phrase of fight! sums up the motive power of stranger things, the essential ability to be a pop culture icon. That of summarizing all the hopes, the sense of heroism and beauty in each of its characters.

The doors remain open for the end of a future fifth season. But Stranger Things says goodbye — for now — with the dignity of a splendid and powerful story, which has reached its greatest point of solidity. A journey of heroes, power and emotion as has rarely been seen in streaming.

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Vol. 2, review: the biggest ‘cliffhanger’ in history

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