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After a somewhat long wait and much anticipation, Nintendo released the first trailer for the movie from Super Mario Bros. In this we had small glimpses of what awaits us in this new film adventure with the plumber brothers.

Being a movie based on such a beloved franchise we were alerted by all the clues in this first trailer. Here we share what we think it revealed and what left us wanting to see more. We hope to have another trailer very soon.

1.- Super Mario Bros will give us an origin story

In the final moments of the trailer for Super Mario Bros we see our protagonist. From the little dialogue he has we realize that it is his first time in the Mushroom Kingdom. Plus it looks like the Toad he meets is leading him into the bowels of the realm.

Super Mario Bros The Movie The best data revealed by

This was an aspect that we already suspected due to some cast announcements. Since some characters from WreckingCrew, where Mario and Luigi’s bosses appeared, they will be present. Surely the brothers will be working on something when they are transported to this colorful place.

2.- The plot seems similar to that of the games, but not quite

The games of Super Mario Bros they are relatively simple in the history section. The trailer for the film hints that there will be similarities but obviously changed for dramatic effect. Since it is seen that Bowser is on a campaign of conquest in search of the power stars.

Bowser's mission in Super Mario Bros looks like something out of the games
Source: Nintendo–Illumination

So surely his journey will take him to attack the Mushroom Kingdom where Peach will resist him and take her away. Then it will be the duty of Mario and Luigi to rescue her from her, just like in the video games. Of course we will have to wait until its premiere to find out what other adventures they will get into along the way.

3.- Super Mario Bros will show us that there are more kingdoms besides the Mushroom Kingdom

The first sequence of the trailer shows us Bowser’s attack on a kingdom populated by penguins from Super Mario 64. What is striking is that they are seen to have their own castle and king, separate from Princess Peach’s rule.

This could be an indication that the film of Super Mario Bros will expand this world. We may find different areas, which would be a perfect excuse to introduce Donkey Kong. A character that we already know will appear due to the casting announcement.

Super Mario Bros could introduce us to more kingdoms than the Mushroom
Source: Nintendo–Illumination

Since his appearance was announced, some doubts arose about the role he would play in the film. Perhaps Mario and Luigi’s journey to save the princess will make the brothers end up in the reign of the friendly gorilla.

4.- Bowser will be a force to be feared

Another apparent thing is that the film of Super Mario Bros will show Bowser as a more imposing villain. We see that his own troops are very afraid of him when he gets off his ship. In addition to the fact that his fire breath is quite powerful.

Bowser won't be as friendly in Super Mario Bros.
Source: Nintendo–Illumination

On this same note, the change to his floating fortress looks made for precisely this. It is no longer a flying ship, but an imposing flying island filled with lava and a volcano. Not to mention, he tops off the look with the fierce face of the king of the koopas. This all looks pretty serious when you compare it to Bowser’s more humorous villainy in the games.

5.- Different allies and enemies from video games will have a place in Super Mario Bros

Perhaps the most striking thing about the trailer is that it shows that they were very faithful to the game to create its world. Since we not only see Mario, Luigi, Toad and Bowser being brought to the screen. We also have the penguins that we already mentioned and the diversity in the Koopa troops. Since we see green, red and blue shells. As well as a group of Dry Bones chasing after Luigi.

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Source: Nintendo-Illumination

Introducing the trailer, Shigeru Miyamoto said that Nintendo is working closely with Illumination. Frankly, we believe that it shows that it is a project made with passion and with respect for the franchise that gave rise to it.. If they left this impression two minutes early, we can’t wait until March 30, 2023 to see the final result.

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