Superhero Review: Blade II

At this point it is not even necessary for us to introduce you to
Blade, TRUE? If you missed the review of the first part, courtesy of Gustavo Acerothen you better catch up before reading on.

However, we are going to assume that you have already read it and therefore you know what the matter is. An uncle whose mother was attacked by a vampire, who has inherited his powers but none of his weaknesses, hunts the undead as revenge and blah blah blah blah… But what is he? happens when the avenger (Blade, in case you still haven’t got who we’re talking about) has he already exacted his revenge? Well, that’s what he came to answer
Blade IIfour years after the premiere of the first part.

On this occasion, William of the Bull takes over from the leadership. To do this, the Mexican takes us to Russia, where Blade (Wesley Snipes) has arrived following his mentor,
whistler (Kris Kristofferson), who has been turned into a bloodsucker and kidnapped in turn by vampires. There he discovers that he is no longer the main predator of the vampire race, as a new breed of bloodsuckers, the reapershas risen and is about to devour humanity and vampires alike.

Now, under this premise hides a worthy successor to this second part? We offer the answer below.

When there is nothing more to say…

… we squeeze more of the same. The writer of this and the previous installment, David Goyer (batmanbegins, Ghost Rider), explodes the creature some more. Unfortunately, with the first Blade we were already told everything that the character could offer (a kind of meat grinder with quite serious mummy issues).

Superhero Review: Blade II

And since the character does not give more of himself, a manual solution is chosen: move him to another scenario and create an environment that gives rise to secondary characters that at first seem transcendent and relevant, when in reality they are nothing more than cannon fodder that they will fall during the movie, either at the hands of a monster or Blade himself. And this also applies to the character of Ron Perlmanbeing the only secondary actor who, together with Kris Kristofferson manages to fill the screen when Snipes is out of frame without killing anything. A waste considering the kind of actor he is, really.

As the protagonist also lacks apparent motivation, apart from killing everything with fangs that comes his way, the screenwriter pulls out of his sleeve another one of those beautiful and recurrent constructs that are the most evil and powerful versions of the classic bad guys, forcing the good and the bad of always to ally against the common evil, and the one chosen for this role is a super vampire, who was originally going to have been Morbiusthe living vampire. Since Marvel did not allow del Toro to use it, what we end up with is a bad name Jared Nomakplayed by Luke Goss (Hellboy 2)

Superhero Review: Blade II

On the whole, the story is not wonderful, but… What did you expect? Blade is the leading movie of the Jonan de Baraka (along with any of the Vin Diesel). The Blade saga does not pretend to be brainy, transcendent or with a message. goes from wesley snipes, playing Wesley Snipes, pretending to be half human, half vampire, a mass murderer with constant facial paralysis. If someone is looking for something superhero with more substance than him try something else. Blade II is a popcorn movie, with “cheches”, blood and many dead, not very different from any of the installments of The mercenaries. And if you go to see her thinking otherwise, hold on to her seat, because the blow can be hard.

And despite all that has been said, Blade II is wonderful. Yes, you read that right, and yes, the reviewer is also still taking his medication.

Blade II is very good, mainly because of who directs it. Guillermo del Toro manages to conjure up an entertaining film despite its cheap and crude plot, having wesley snipes
as the epicenter of the catastrophe and of not having practically any attraction beyond classic and free violence in abundance.

Superhero Review: Blade II

With a hand and a skill that only a Mexican can have, Guillermo del Toro manages to make this film as entertaining as its first part for several reasons. From the outset you have to recognize the visual effects. Although today they are very outdated and have aged very, very badly, at the time they were very cool and very attractive. Whether we talk about the fights, the vampire deaths or even those acrobatic choreographies of “you laugh at Son Goku”, the aspect of the film in terms of technical detail is remarkable, the least that can be expected from this man’s cinema.

As the Mexican director is responsible for Blade II, his imprint is also evident in the design of characters and monsters. The super vampire, its design and its aesthetics, was surprising and fresh for the time. And in fact, it has become a horror classic in its own right, setting an aesthetic precedent that has been adapted for other productions, both in film and video games.

Superhero Review: Blade II

Also, although the story is basically a “more difficult” one, thanks to it you can explore the Blade universe a bit: see how the vampire society has fit together… celebrated the disappearance of Deacon Frost in the Old World; how they have adapted to Blade fighters; or even how their clubs and hangouts work, beyond the lavish yuppie parties of the first part. And that is a cool detail that must be recognized.

Nor should we forget the little patriotic detail, which is just a footnote, the participation of Safe Santiago
like the vampire Rush. Although as a whole it is not transcendent, its two blood sausages (“Trueba, trueba!” and “Torrentetres”, to be exact) are funny to say the least and in those years it was very funny for those of us who went to see this film at the cinema, as stale as it may sound even today.

Superhero Review: Blade II

Beyond that, you can’t ask Blade for more. It is an easy story, that does not give rise to thought and with just the right drama so that it does not sing what its target audience is. That said, if you like movies about checks and testosterone, bye. If you are looking for something higher, keep looking, mate.

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Superhero Review: Blade II

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