Superman and Batman… When did they meet?

Batman with Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert

We have seen them coexist, we have seen them fight, we have seen them be great friends and also rivals. Two of the most famous superheroes, The Last Son of Krypton and Batman, have a long history in the world of comics, having debuted around the same time. Superman (created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) made his first appearance in May 1938 and Batman (created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane) in April 1939.

They are two of the longest-lived and most famous heroes, with more than 80 years of existence, while many of their contemporaries have ceased to exist. At this point, it is also a daily occurrence to see them interact. Today we ask ourselves a question (and we answer it)… Superman and Batman… When did they meet?

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(All-Star Comics was a magazine that brought together the famous heroes of DC Comics)


The first time we got to see the two heroes interacting was in All-Star Comics #7, published on August 25, 1941, 80 years ago. Since then, collaborations between the two have been frequent and none of them can be missing from the main DC Comics events.

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(Story where Batman and Superman appear together for the first time)


As additional information, in the following issue of All-Star Comics (8), Wonder Woman, the third member of the DC Comics triumvirate, was introduced for the first time. Next month we will talk about this great Amazon.

All-Star Comics was a comic anthology. This means that a copy had several short stories, some of which could be in prose.

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(The Justice Society makes it a goal to raise funds to help children)


In All-Star we could also see the first real group of superheroes, The Justice Society of America, where the most popular characters of the publisher met. In issue 3 the first interaction between the heroes appears. During the development of the story, The Atom asks about Superman and Batman. The Flash replies that they are not present because they patrol while The JSA deliberates; They are “on call”. The two heroes are absent from the story, but are recognized as part of the same universe. Both Superman and Batman were considered honorary members of the said team and did not appear as often as the other heroes.

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(Surprisingly, Superman, Batman and The Flash announce their own fundraiser to help Johnny Thunder reach the finish line)


The brief physical encounter between Batman and Superman occurs in All-Star #7, published by All-American Comics, one of two publishers that merged to form DC Comics (the other was Detective Comics).

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(In this first adventure together, Batman and Superman don’t exchange words.)


In this issue, The JSA (integrated at that time by Green Lantern, The Spectre, The Sandman, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, The Atom, Hourman and Johnny Thunder), meets to plan to help children orphaned by the war. They set themselves the goal of raising a million dollars to give to different charities.

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Each one of the members of the Society fulfills his part; however, Johnny Thunder promises to collect only the amount of 300 thousand dollars. In the end, he misses his goal. Johnny looks defeated. In that, Superman, Batman and The Flash (the latter, also an honorary member) appear, each with the amount of 100 thousand dollars. This is how the group manages to reach the goal.

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(In the next issue of All-Star, #8, we get to see Wonder Woman’s debut)


Batman and Superman don’t speak to each other in that first meeting. At the same time, although the Society is a team, in reality in each number they act separately and meet to compare results. Here comes the mechanics of the anthology, each hero has his independent adventure (made by a different creative team).

As an aside, at the end of the story we are discussing, Green Lantern is named the fourth honorary member for life of the Society. At the same time, he got his own comic from him.

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(The first comic in which Superman and Batman -and Robin- appear together. The interior contains independent stories without interacting)


Superman and Batman had already appeared together on a comic cover, that of New York World’s Fair Comics #2, published on May 11, 1940, but they do not interact within it.

On the other hand, in All-Star Comics #7 we may see them together, but it’s not the moment they meet because it is assumed that they have collaborated before. It would be years before they were seen interacting in a story. It was until March 7, 1952, in Superman #76, still within the period of the Golden Age of comics (which ends in 1956).

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(Superman and Batman meet in 1952)


That story is so memorable that we will dedicate its own space to it. Likewise, it had such a good response from the public that it was decided to pair the heroes in a single comic on a regular basis. The chosen title was World’s Finest Comics, from its number 71 (from May 26, 1954). Although it was already a comic where you could read the adventures of each of the hooded men, it was until then that they began to duet. In this comic, there are unforgettable stories like the first meeting between Joker and Lex Luthor.

The title with the dumbbell was held during the Golden and Silver Eras, ending in 1985 in its 283rd edition.

In the so-called Bronze Age, their first adventure together is in Man of Steel #3, written and drawn by John Byrne, with ink by Dick Giordano, on August 7, 1986. It is in this comic that they appear for the first time as rivals rather than allies. Byrne intended to show them as a kind of ying and yang, a duality with the same common goal. Even with differences, they respect each other and become friends. It is this view that has prevailed ever since.

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(Not only do they interact for the first time, but Batman and Superman discover their respective secret identities)


Here is a link where I talk about Man of Steel and the new proposal for Superman:


2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the first meeting between Batman and Superman in All-Star Comics #7.

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Superman and Batman… When did they meet?

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