Superman becomes the most ridiculous member of the Justice League

DC:MECH turns Superman into the most unsuccessful member of the Justice League.

There are some heroes that stand out from others and one of them is Superman. Superman He is one of the most feared characters among the great villains that we all know and one of the fundamental members within the group of the League of Justice.

DC: MECH makes Superman the most failed member of the Justice League

Everyone would think twice about facing Superman since without a master plan it would be practically a suicide mission. Now, one of the alternative histories of the world of DC Comics has converted to Iron Man into a practically ridiculous hero among his classmates. League of Justice.

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Thanks to his new origins in an alternate universe, Superman has become the worst member of the League of Justice in the latest issue of the DC comic series: MECH. Set in a world where armored mech suits became the dominant power against war machines coming from Apokolipsthis new Justice League inspired by the universe of Pacific Rim it has not yet become a dangerous grouping. Kal-El just got to the Land and is one of the most rookie characters of all.

Nevertheless, Superman he considers himself the savior of humanity without having spent significant time on the planet he wants to protect. This new series has shown that the development of the character of Clark Kent to see the best version of Superman in the DC Universe.


Previously on DC: MECH, from Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivasthe forces of Darkseid they arrived at the Land at the end of World War II, destroying the Justice Society of America and ending the age of heroes. The world had to evolve and the heroes were forced to wear mech suits built to defend themselves against a very uncertain future attack. Nevertheless, Kal-El has come to the Land in his own Kryptonian mech suit, offering his help to Earth’s greatest heroes and confirming that his parents sent him from Kryptonian to make sure that **Darkseid **couldn’t destroy any other world like he did his own.

Kal-El presents himself as the only saved capable of defending the Land and his arrival has caused some controversy among the world’s heroes. In the new number Kal-El and Batman had to share the leadership of their new group formed by Princess Diana and Barry Allen along with Hal Jordan Y Jon Stewartwho use the robot Green Lantern.

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Nevertheless, Superman is incredibly reckless, believing that only he can prevent the Land suffer the same fate as their home world. As a result, his teammates are not too confident of the help he can provide and he nearly manages to kill them when he unleashes total destruction.

Kal-El he considers himself the only one capable of saving Earth, a prospect that not only endangers his team but also himself. All in all, it is a great weakness of character for Supermanwhich gives this new version of Kal-El a flaw that is quite unique to the Iron Man. However, defeating him at the hands of one of the long-range omega rays from Darkseid caused his robot to crash and land in none other than Smallvillewhich resulted in his rescue by jon Y Martha Kent.

Superman becomes the most ridiculous member of the Justice League

Kal-El will get his classic origins as Clark Kent in future issues of the comic series, albeit in quite a different way as he has been fighting as a hero. It is possible that the well-known couple will manage to lead Kal-El as they help him realize that he can’t save the world alone. In any case, it’s certainly something this new Superman must figure out in order to become a true member of this Justice League.

DC: MECH #3 is already available.

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Superman becomes the most ridiculous member of the Justice League

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