Superman, Darth Vader, Lieutenant Ripley and Marty McFly put their clothes up for sale

The Villain’s Gloves starwars, the treacherous Darth Vaderthe slave outfit that princess Leia wore when he was under the yoke of the gangster Jabba, the ‘hoverboard’ with whom Marty McFly barely levitated in ‘Return to the future’the iconic Reebok with which Lieutenant Ripley faced the ‘Aliens‘, or the suit with which Superman flew over New York will be among the famous and familiar items from film, television and the world of music at play in the auction british entertainment memorabilia company live annual prop store which will take place at BAFTA’s headquarters in central London, with offers also available online or by phone, from November 3-6.

Returning to an in-person event after a pandemic hiatus, this year’s auction features an expanded catalog of more than 1,500 lots with a total estimated value of 11 million pounds (12.5 million euros).

“This year is bigger than ever. We’ve added around 500 more lots. It’s a huge step forward for us, which makes it a much more exciting event,” said Propstore CEO Stephen Lane.

Almost 300,000 euros to fulfill a movie buff’s dream

In addition to the objects mentioned, there will be others just as outstanding that will make moviegoers fall in love: Andy Dufresne’s Bible (a role played by Tim Robbins) where he hid a hammer that would help him break his ‘Life Chain’; Roy Batty’s leather suit (embroidered paper by Rutge Hauer) in ‘Blade Runner’; the nunchakus with which Bruce Lee distributed tow in ‘The Fury of the Dragon’, are relics that appeal to the cinephile nostalgia of the mythomaniacs.

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In the same way, the ball with whom Chuck Noland (one of the great interpretations of Tom Hanks) was trying to socialize in ‘Castaway‘; the flare gun carried by the great Peter O’Toole in ‘Lawrence of Arabia‘, the sword with which Gandalf battles in the closing of the trilogy of ‘The Lord of the rings‘, or the terrifying More expensive with which Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers terrified their victims in the sagas ‘Friday the 13th‘ Y ‘Halloween‘, will also be available to those who can afford it.

And it is that the starting price of many of these items are not within the reach of all pockets. To give an example, the gloves that Darth Vader carried at the beginning of the successful ‘Star Wars’ saga has an estimated price of between 150,000 and 250,000 pounds (between 170,000 and 285,000 euros). It will be the most expensive auction item, but most offers start at £10,000, which is not a price that is within everyone’s reach. That said, you have to be a big fan… and very rich.

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Superman, Darth Vader, Lieutenant Ripley and Marty McFly put their clothes up for sale

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