Superman Day: These are the favorite versions of the Man of Steel of the Spaghetti Code staff

Since 2013, fans around the world celebrate Superman on June 12 of each year, since it is on this date that the copy Action Comics #1, where the Kryptonian first appeared, began circulating on newsstands. Trying to get in tune with the celebration, the members of Spaghetti Code have gathered to talk about our favorite versions of this superhero and thus celebrate another year of the greatest hero of DC Comics: the Man of Steel.

Christopher Reeve’s Superman

I usually consider myself a nostalgia hater because when it hits me, it hits me hard, but in this case I’ll make an exception. And no, I’m not old enough to have seen Christopher Reeve’s Superman on the big screen, but it’s my favorite version for a curious reason.

In fact, my story begins when I was about 7 or 8 years old and my father put this movie on our sacred DVD (unfortunately, I am old enough to have spent my childhood surrounded by records). Like a good kid who grew up with the CGI of Spider-Man 2, I was deeply disappointed that the special effects of Superman consisted of Reeve lying on a bed with a screen in the background that looked faker than my baby teeth. And so I said it: it seems that he is lying on a bed. My dad laughed at my comment, but now I’m sure it felt like when your friends tell you that your favorite video game is boring.

And of course, now I realize that special effects are not everything in superhero movies (leave She-Hulk alone!) Because even outside of my little story it’s amazing to discover that Richard Donner’s Superman left a lifelong impression on an entire generation. How to forget the vivid and bizarre portrait of Krypton with its diamond landscapes and the silver suits of its inhabitants; how to forget when Superman turned the planet in the opposite direction to turn back time and save his beloved Lois Lane. Damn, this is cinema. Here it was not so much about showing off how many millions were spent on the scene as it was about astonishing the imagination of viewers and creating unforgettable moments. I am sure that there is no one who does not remember these scenes with a smile on their face.

Image: Warner Bros.

out of it Superman continues to function as a kind of dictionary with everything anyone knows about the character: Kryptonite is his weakness, he’s in love with Lane, Lex Luthor is the badass (and here he’s a failed real estate investor), he’s an alien, et cetera, et cetera. With this film, the Superman mythology became part of pop culture once and for all, although those involved had to pay a high price to immortalize this “cursed movie”. —Bruno Salazar

all star superman

Now it’s time to celebrate Superman in his day, the Man of Steel with many values ​​and a good heart. this time I will talk about my favorite Superman, which is the one with all-stara story written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Frank Quitely in which we see the hero face his cruel destiny.

all-star It shows us how Kal-L, after being overloaded with sunlight, realizes that he begins to die (they make him look like some kind of cancer due to so much radiation). What is surprising, however, is that Clark does not go looking for the cure. He decides to spend the time he has left to live by the side of his beloved Lois Lane.

Image: DC Comics

But that is not all: our protagonist reveals to Lois that Superman is Clark Kent, decides to take advantage of his remaining time with his parents and even tries to continue doing good with the remaining time of his life, bravely accepting his death. This situation affects the DC Universe so much that even Lex Luthor begins to look for a way to bring him back to life. Because there can be no villain without a superhero.

Something that I like about this version of Superman is that they portray his most human side, and that is that despite this character is a superman, he also has to go through everything or what happens to humanity: born, live, reproduce and die. — Samantha Guerrero


My approach to the Superman franchise occurred with a somewhat battered edition of The Death of Superman that I grabbed from among my uncles comics… Wow, I never believed that the Man of Steel could actually meet his end at the hands of a villain.

This story came back to my life once again, but this time not only to read it, since I also had a SNES control at my fingertips with which I could kill Doomsday and all the thugs who came across me. If we’re on the same frequency, you’ll know I’m talking about The Death and Return of Supermanwhich became my second approach to the saga.

Image: Sunsoft

This video game, in addition to showing me the death of one of the greatest heroes in history, also showed me that there were at least three entities that called themselves “Superman”. Among them was the one who became my favorite: Superboy

The reasons? They are not difficult to explain: I was very young and the design of this character with superpowers seemed to me the most cool, besides that the boy (“child”) could associate him with someone closer to my age instead of the classic adult Superman. That opportunity to not only meet him, but also to play alongside him and use his powers, was reason enough for my impressionable mind to turn Superboy into my favorite Superman. — Pako Traps

Superman from Injustice

On the DC side, Superman has always been the representation of heroism at its best, a figure that, although not native to planet Earth, serves as the great protector of humanity by being an entity with the powers of a deity, but the noble heart of a good man.

However, if DC stories have taught us anything, it is that in this universe anything can happen and there are events that can even bring down the greatest superhero of all time. Under the strong feelings of attachment, love, anger, pain and frustration, even the man of steel can go from hero to villain.

So we saw it in the game Injustice: Gods Among Ushis comic series, injustice 2 and an animated movie injustice, of 2021, where Superman is the main antagonist, after being drugged by Joker and forced to kill Louis Lane and his son.loses that personality that characterized him and replaces it with a deep sense of revenge that led him to kill the Joker by piercing his chest with a single blow, to become Batman’s archenemy and create a control system based on subjugation and abuse. of his power.

Image: DC Comics

That’s right, in injustice Superman virtually eliminates crime on Earth by establishing absolute power and control through his regime, the One Earth Government, taking like-minded superheroes and villains as his generals and acting himself as leader or High Councilor as he is. they call it in the series.

With massive armies, the Amazons and Wonder Woman on his side, and his best friend Lex Luthor financing and supplying weapons and advanced technology, Superman achieves total peace, but through force, in such a way that anyone who tried to resist would be killed. killed immediately. Something that just happened to Green Arrow of this universe and several supervillains. Hence, Batman will begin his own movement to overthrow Superman’s totalitarian regime and give rise to one of the most intense conflicts within the DC universe in recent years.

injustice shows us a totally different facet of the heroand it’s not that I really like the idea of ​​a dictator with superpowers, but it’s definitely a story that whether you’re a fan of Superman or not, it really hits you, it surprises you, it leaves you with a huge feeling of anguish.

Image: DC Comics

If for some reason this is my favorite version of Clark Kent, it is because it shows perhaps one of his most human and dehumanized sides of the character at the same because it makes it clear that even the greatest heroes can be corrupted and that even being the most powerful being in the universe, finding peace is easy and even less so if what you love most is taken from you above everything and everyone.

Finally, it is also a sign that in comics not all are great deeds and inspiring stories. Sometimes our favorite heroes can lead us down dark paths in which the same fans could get lost. — Loretta Chantiri

Superman: Red & Blue

At the end of 2021, within the fifth issue of the anthology Superman Red and BlueDaniel Warren Johnson published a story of only eight pages titled generations: my favorite comic starring the Man of Steel.

Image: DC Comics

I’m not afraid to gut his story because in the end what matters in a reading is the process. But let’s go in parts: days or weeks after Mr. Kent and Mrs. Kent had found a small baby inside a spaceship, Jonathan decides to take a walk through the church: a place of tranquility and reflection for a Kansas farmer who doesn’t know much about the world. Inside the church, Jonathan immediately throws his doubts at the priest regarding his own paternity. “When I look into my son’s eyes, I feel a fear that I didn’t know was in me.”

“How is it possible for me to take charge of its growth when I am so lost myself?” Jonathan asks.
“Do you know the story of when the Savior was baptized?” asks the priest in turn.
“It’s been a long time since I last opened the good book, Father,” Kent replies.

Then the priest relates how, after Jesus emerged from the water after his baptism, God appeared and said: “This is my son, whom I love. Which makes me proud.”

“Just let your son know how you feel about him,” the father finishes.

Image: DC Comics

That’s when, in a few panels, Daniel Warren Johnson presents us with random moments from Clark Kent’s upbringing: moments where his father lets him know that he loves him, that he’s special, and that he makes him proud. The sequence of the Kent family ends in a painful vignette: Clark, Superman, is in front of the grave of his father and remembers his words. The beautiful thing about this story is that it reminds us that love, the way love shapes us, is the most beautiful inheritance we can get from our loved ones.

Image: DC Comics

Thus, we see in the last pages of this story Superman, whose figure is inseparable from the concept of love for man (one more parallel with Christ), moving among humans while offering his unconditional support, pouring out all his love. Superman Red and Blue It shows us why Kal-L loves human beings: for the simple reason that they are life facing the blackness of death. Love the Earth because there is hope there. — Jesus Zamora


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Superman Day: These are the favorite versions of the Man of Steel of the Spaghetti Code staff

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