Superman enhances his powers with a new weapon in Action Comics

Superman’s powers have always been a very interesting topic at DC Comics, with the latest issue of Action Comics this would have brought about some changes to speak of.

Our favorite comic characters they have to improve and evolve as time progresses, since the fact that they remain stuck in some powers or in a status is usually quite boring. Something that was usual in the early years of comics has been changing with the new generations, since those heroes have been “growing up” with the readers and they need a change that generates this type of evolution, however slight.

Despite all this, publishers like Marvel or DC Comics Nor can they make such sudden changes overnight or without a clear justification, since the figures of the superheroes it is something that must remain immutableHence, time passes for everyone except them. Today we have to deal with such an important topic such as the acquisition of new powerssomething that usually generates a lot of interest, but that usually lasts a short time if the rise is strong.

for this entry we have to set eyes on a character that it seems that it could not improve its powers more, but still they have wanted to show it in Action Comics. We are talking about Superman, who finds himself in a rather striking situation being a gladiator and fighting in Warworld, all after the events of Future State. Not long ago we echoed that will be reunited with his sonbut clark kent now has lived a moment of rise of powersomething that does not always happen.

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New Superman weapon in DC Comics, unlimited power for the last son of Krypton

All this has had a place within the number 1046 from the Action Comics series, something that was being used a lot since the story of the hero of Metropolis was being told within Warworld, trying to fight against the reign of Mongul. Normally, the power of this character is huge on its own, but from time to time is getting some improvements or situations in which new ways of approaching it are awakened, since the publisher wants it that way.

In this new world where you are The last son of Krypton seems to receive a unique power, known as the Fire of Olgrun. It all happens when she appears to him in the form of a human child and the two have a conversation. After that another mystical figure appears to confront our hero and in one of the attempts he tries to destroy to the boy who represents the Fire of Olgrunsomething that Clark prevents and saves the life of this entity.

Superman - DC Comics

Being a test to see the capabilities of Superman, that entity in the form of a child reveals that he has passed the test and can now be the bearer of this new power. In this way, the man of steel will be the bearer of souls worthy of Olgrun, becoming a small sword that our hero will use. The words of this new entity indicate that with this power Superman will be stronger than ever, comparing him to a god in form and purpose. However, warn our hero that it is difficult to manage, so he must be careful.

What will this DC Comics weapon do in Superman’s hands?

Once this weapon has been shown, little else is known about it, since he has not been seen using it. However, he looks like this weapon will be decisive in his final battle against Mongul, something he has been waiting for since he arrived in this Warworld. Such is the case that next August 30 all this will come to an end with Superman Warworld Apocalypse, but that’s another matter.

It is not the first, nor will it be the last time, that we will see our great hero increase his powers, since we remember that they have done it on more than one occasion with characters other than Superman. The thing is that when it comes to the man of steel it attracts much more attention since it seems that no power could be attributed to him more than what is already part. We encourage you to share with us what do you think about these power increases and if you want to see Superman use this weapon or not.

Superman - DC Comics

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Superman enhances his powers with a new weapon in Action Comics

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